Best Platform to pay Bills in Africa

Paying Bills on Astro Africa

Paying your bills in Africa can sometimes be a hassle when there are no digital avenues. If you go to the bank or the utility company to pay bills, it wastes your time, your energy, and money sometimes. 

With the advent of digital methods of paying bills, people can now conveniently pay bills from the comfort of their homes. However, paying bills through the internet too comes with its troubles if the platform is unreliable. Astro Africa has come as a solution to the problems people face when they pay bills. 

Common Issue associated with Paying Bills

1) Service downtimes: Some platforms go offline at periods when people need them critically. It ranks as a top challenge for users of online payment platforms. Different things may be responsible for the service downtime; however, it affects the customer who relies on the service. 

2) Insecure platforms: Many online payment platforms cannot assure security for the personal details that you input on their website. Some of these payment platforms are even a mask for criminals to harness the data of unsuspecting individuals. 

3) Slow service delivery: If a platform offers online payment services, you should also expect instant payment. If the service is slower than the physical process, it is always disappointing. However, with a speed success score of 97% by customers, Astro Africa delivers optimally in that aspect.  

4) Multi-currency Issues: Most platforms for paying bills in Africa do not offer their services in different currencies. It is a huge problem for Africans in the diaspora who want to make payments in their local currencies. Many e-payment platforms in Africa cannot help you make international transactions. It may be due to regulatory hurdles. 

As these challenges face you when you try to pay bills in Africa, let me introduce you to the best platform to pay bills in Africa – Astro Africa.

About Astro Africa

Astro Africa is a pan-African company with coverage all over Africa and physical offices in Lagos and Accra. They provide financial services; they include cryptocurrency trade, gift card trade, and the payment of bills. Some of the activities you can carry out on their platform include: 

– Peer-to-peer financial transactions.

– Gift Card trade 

– Paying all kind of bills

– Buying airtime

Also, Astro Africa centers their company policy on customer satisfaction. 

Astro Africa: Best Platform to pay Bills

1No Service Downtime: The Astro Africa platform is integrated with some of the most reliable web payment processors. It also has one of the most reliable web hosts in the business. There is an assurance of little or no downtimes at all on Astro Africa. 

When you use Astro Africa, you can easily make payments without being afraid of failed transactions. The technical expertise put into building the platform is a plus for the customer.

2Secure Payment Platform: Astro Africa offers its customers a safe transaction platform. If you input your private account details on the website, your details are in safe hands. The platform is enhanced with SSL certification and is assured of safety from hackers. 

3Multi-currency Platform: To enhance global e-commerce, Astro Africa accepts and carries out transactions in different currencies. The Astro wallet allows people to pay bills in currencies of their choice. It allows users in other parts of the world pay bills in the currency of their native country. On Astro Africa, you can carry out transactions in Naira, Ghana Cedes, South African Rand and United State Dollar.

4Speedy Service Delivery: The expertise put into the creation of the Astro Africa platform allows for speedy service delivery. Nobody wants to pay their electricity bill online and wait for hours before it reflects on the meter. If you want instant service delivery, Astro Africa is the best platform to use.

How to Use Astro Africa to Pay Bills

STEP 1. Visit Astro Africa

STEP 2. On the homepage, click on login/signup

how to use astro
Astro Africa Homepage

STEP 3. If you are an existing user, Fill in your log in details. If you are new to Astro Africa, fill in the details provided on that page, and click on Sign up. ( how to use Astro)

sign in

STEP 4: Select the Navigation button on the top left corner (red arrow in illustration below) and select Bills ( yellow arrow in illustration.)


STEP 5; Select the Bill you are making payment for


For Example, if you want to make payment for Cables, click Cable and select the cable you are making payment for. Select your desired plan, input your smart card and amount. Click proceed to make payment and complete your transaction.


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