How to Check Amex Gift Card Balance

How to Redeem and Check Amex Gift Card Balance

American Express gift cards (commonly known as Amex gift cards) are popular gift cards. They are used at places where American Express cards are accepted. Amex gift cards can be used in physical and online stores.

Here are a few things to note about Amex gift cards.

– They range from $25 to $3000.

– There are up to 20 types of Amex gift cards. The types are based on the designs.

– There is the physical and e-gift card.      

– You can customize a personal message to be printed on the gift card.

– There is a business gift card for business associates, employees, or loyal customers.

– There is a personal gift card for friends and family.

In this article, Astro Africa will show you how to check your Amex Gold gift card balance. The process is easy and can be done anywhere, anytime. One thing that differentiates Amex gift cards from other gift cards is that you can check the balance without loading it. Hence, you can trade by barter the gift card even if part of it has been spent.

How do you check Amex gift card Balance

Check Amex Gift Card Balance

You can check by visiting Amex Gift Card website

. When you visit the website, go to Check Balance and enter the card number in the space provided. Click on “I’m not a robot” and click on Continue.

Or you can follow these steps,

– Visit the Amex Gift Card website

– On the homepage, click on “Cards” at the top left

– From the dropdown list, click on Gift Cards

– On the page that comes up, click on “Check Balance” at the top right.

– Enter the card information and click on “Sign In” to pull the balance.  

You can also check the balance by calling the Amex toll-free number (888-846-4308). When you phone in; follow the prompts by providing the information on the card.

Some precautions to take when you want to check the balance include the following:

– Do not search for random terms like “Amex gift card balance”. Many scam websites will ask for your card information.

– Do not check your balance in the presence of a third party.

– Type directly to your browser.  

How to Redeem the Amex Gift Card

Amex gift cards are unlike conventional gift cards. They are can be likened to prepaid cards, and are accepted in stores that accept American Express cards. Another term for redeeming Amex gift cards is using the cards.

Before you use the cards at the store or online, it is crucial to know the balance on the card. You do not need to activate the card before use; it is used as a regular credit or debit card.

In a Physical Store

Just swipe the gift card across the POS machine like a regular credit or debit card. If there is a problem with the POS machine, you may have to enter the card information manually. When selecting between Credit and Debit, pick Credit to complete the transaction.

For Online Transactions

You can only use your Amex gift card for transactions in the US, Puerto Rico, and US Virgins Island. To use the gift card for online payments, input the card information on the Payment Method and check out.

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How to Use Astro Africa

You can use either the Astro Africa Website or the Astro App to sell your Amazon gift card. To use the Astro App, the procedures are listed below. 

– Download the application Astro App from the Google play store.

– Create an account and sign in with your login details.

– Select the type of card you want to trade

– Submit the card details

– Await confirmation; once the card is verified, you will be credited instantly.

To use the Astro Africa website, 

– Visit Astro Africa on your browser. 

– Click on login/signup on the home page.

– Select the kind of card you want to trade

– Submit your card details

– Await confirmation; once the card is verified, you will be credited instantly

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