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The Amex gift card is coined from American Express and shortened for easy usage. This Amex gift card is a prepaid stored-value card used for in-store and online shopping. The card is issued by the American Express prepaid card management corporation, a subsidiary of the American Express company, which is known to issue credit cards, process payment, and provide related travel services worldwide. This company dates back to the 1800s and is majorly known for transporting goods and precious commodities.

      This Amex gift card is like most other gift cards, which involve physical and digital cards (e-gift cards). The physical Amex gold gift card is gold plated as the name implies and can be used both online and in-stores, while the e-gift card can only be maximized online.

     There are different forms of American Express gift cards:

Amex credit card: It’s a thin rectangular piece of the card used to borrow money. It has a limit and a time frame to pay back. There’s the Amex blue card, Amex green card, and Amex cash magnet with different meanings attached.

Amex debit card: This can be used anywhere to shop, either as a physical card or an Amex gift card.

And the last of it is the Amex charge card: It’s a no-limit card that requires the user to pay back in full, usually monthly. It’s more of a credit card except for its limitless usage and doesn’t charge interest.


          The amazing thing about the Amex gift card is that the funds never expire. After nine years of usage, the card can be renewed by contacting Amex gift card customer care to replace the account number.

     The Amex gold gift card can be bought at and various retail stores in the US such as Walmart, Walgreen, family dollar e.t.c.

     It’s known that Amex gold gift cards can’t be redeemed or claimed anywhere else except in the US, but luckily they can be sold and bought on various platforms. The Amex gold gift cards range between $25-$300 worth of gift cards made available per card. This brings this question to mind, how much is the $100 Amex gold gift card to Ghana cedes???

      The buying price of a $100 Amex gold gift card to ghana cedis is dependent on the dollar to the ghana exchange rate. It’s obvious that the price it is sold for will be different from the price it is bought for. It’s also important to know that the Amex gold gift card exchange rate can also be affected by how much the card is in supply and demand, and these factors affect the exchange rate of the card to ghana cedis or any currency.

    It’s noteworthy to be careful with your gift cards and choose with caution where to trade your gift cards. Many exchange platforms are there to entice you with an unbelievable rate, and you end up losing your money and your special gift card.

      And this brings me to introduce to you, a site known for sweet exchange rate with utmost confidence and swift deliverability. Imagine being gifted an Amex gold gift card, and you are in dire need of cash. Your first thought should be Their exchange rate is friendly and the best you can ever find.

     Before you can exchange your card, you might need to know the balance you have left on the card. So to check your balance on Amex gift card, go to Amex website, select balance, enter the card number and the security code(usually in front of the card), and you can see it displayed on the screen and if you don’t understand the process, call the Amex customer care service.

     To affirm the credibility of this platform, let’s take a look at how better their exchange rate is compared to other platforms in ghana. Prestmit has an exchange rate of a $100 Amex gift card for GHS 382 compared to Astro Africa, which has an exchange rate of GHS 390, which is also better than other platforms. Astro Africa also exchange various gift cards with good and friendly rates such as the iTunes gift card, Walmart gift card, eBay gift card, Nike gift card, e.t.c…..

      Also, most traders offer their exchange service to Nigerians. They can’t exchange in Ghana cedis, and their rate is dependent on the naira rate when exchanging any card to ghana cedis. Still, Astro Africa treats customers differently based on the country’s exchange rate to the dollar, Astro Africa offers the best.

How to check Amex Gift card balance


There are two ways in which you can sell your Amex gold gift card on Astro Africa. You either use the Astro Africa website( or the Astro app.

    To exchange your Amex gold gift card on the Astro app, below are the procedures involved:

  • Download the Astro app on google play store or your Apple app store Click the login/sign-up button.
  • Register if you are a new user or sign in if you are an existing user
  • For new users, give required details and Register in which a verification code will be sent to your email, which is six digits, and follow through as described in the email message. (The code is only valid for 30 minutes)
  • Then you log in and choose the “sell gift cards” button and choose the Amex gold gift card.
  • Afterward, you select the wallet to credit either the Ghana cedis wallet or Naira wallet.
  • Enter your card amount
  • Upload a clear picture of your card and receipt
  • Enter image remark
  • Click submit, and after a few minutes, a notification will be sent of the successful transaction, and your account will be credited. Easy and simple, right?

See how to use Astro Africa App

Alternatively, you can use the website:

  • Go to your browser and visit
  • Click on the login/Register button
  • Follow through with the same sequence as that of the app