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4 uses of AMEX Gold gift card

4 uses of AMEX Gold gift card

It is a thing to own a gift card, and it is another thing to know exactly the things you can do with it and how exactly to make those things happen. Gift cards are electronic cards similar to regular debit, prepaid, and credit cards. There are usually preloaded at purchase with the exact amount that the purchaser pays for the card. Holders can use them at both physical and online stores that are authorized by the card issuer.

Gift cards are usually issued by retail stores, banks, eCommerce sites, and financial service companies. Some common gift card issuers are Nike, iTunes, Amazon, Walmart, Xbox, Steam, Vanilla, Visa, Sephora, Nordstrom, Google play, American Express, and a lot more. You see most of the big guys, right? Yeah, virtually every large retail store now offers gift card services to their customers. They do this to help customers have a steady budget on the things they want to buy, pay for them, and even give them out as gifts to their friends and loved ones. In the long run, these companies tend to retain long-standing customers and improve sales and patronage in the same wise.

Although gift cards may take various modes and are issued by various organizations, they are still a great alternative to regular gifting. Having to think of gifts for different occasions might be tasking at times. Gift cards ease this pressure by streamlining the gift options to specific stores and leaving the recipient to explore an array of options for their most perfect gift.

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uses of AMEX Gold gift card

AMEX Gold gift card and AMEX Gold Card

American Express is one of the largest financial service multinationals in America. They offer various types of payment cards including debit, credit, prepaid, and gift cards, all of which are accepted in local and online stores across America. AMEX Gold Gift card is a type of American Express gift card. Mind you, American Express also has the AMEX Gold card which is very different from the AMEX gold gift card. AMEX Gold card is one of the precious metal gift cards issued by American Express, and it carries an affordable annual charge of $250 compared to the whopping $550 of the Platinum gift card.

AMEX Gold card comes with various benefits and choices of use. They are targeted toward frequent sending with low fees and high functionality. So, if you are big on eating out, shopping frequently, and doing some regular day-to-day spending, an Amex Gold card will be perfect for you. You don’t always have to pay off all the balance monthly like when using the AMEX Platinum card.

On the other hand, AMEX Gold gift cards are prepaid credit cards that can be used anywhere American Express is accepted. They are also very good for people who would like to make periodic payments and stash cash for different purposes in different accounts. Amex Gold gift cards attract zero fees, from maintenance to balance check and inactivity fees. It all goes down free of extra charges.

Specific uses of AMEX Gold gift card

Periodic budgeting

Maintaining a regular checking account can prove to be without proper budgeting and attract improper expenses for account holders. AMEX gift cards can be an amazing option for people to plan their spending and cut costs on irrelevances. Instead of having to pend directly from your account, you can buy a gift card that is worth your spending plan for a certain period. Say you want to budget on groceries and snacks, you can plan $500 for the week or the month, depending on how much you earn monthly or yearly. Buying a $500 American Express gift card is all you need.


Choosing gifts for different occasions and people can prove to be time taking and brain-draining, especially when you are not familiar with the gift recipient. Most times, gift-giving has to do with the thoughtfulness and timeliness behind the gift being given. Some people like their gifts in a specific color, some prefer corporate to casual, you truly never can tell people’s preference when trying to buy them a gift. An easy way out is giving them a gift card that sums up everything. You want to get a friend a shoe, an AMEX gift card with the required amount would be just perfect for the person.

Store of cash

You know how you don’t like to store cash in your regular checking account, right? AMEX gift cards can prove to be very useful for this. Since they do not have an expiry date, you can use them to hold cash for as long as possible.

Regular purchasing anonymity

Not everyone likes to buy stuff and get their details splattered everywhere. If you are looking to buy things anonymously, you should try getting yourself an AMEX Gold gift card. It is not designated a checking account or someone’s identity in particular. You pretty much just buy one, get it activated, and start using, no need for so much paper works like when applying for a regular credit card.