How to Redeem Nike Gift Card for Ghana Cedis

Redeem Nike Gift Card for Ghana Cedis

Nike is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sports equipment (footwear, apparel, accessories, etc.). The company headquarter is located in Oregon, USA. In 2020, Nike was the most valuable sports business in the world.

Apart from manufacturing, the company also has A-List athletes on its sponsorship list. They also sponsor some sports teams around the world. Nike manufactures high-end footwear such as Air Jordan, Air Max, Nike CR7, etc. They operate a retail store called Niketown in Portland, USA.

Redeem Nike Gift Card for Ghana Cedis

What to Know About Nike Gift Cards

Nike gift cards are part of the attempts made by Nike to improve their customers’ experiences. The cards can be used in different parts of the world where there are Nike networks. Here are a few things to know about the Nike gift cards.

– They exist in physical and digital forms.

– They range in amount from $25 to $250.

– The digital gift cards have different designs.

– There is a 60 days return for the physical gift cards. If the card does not get to your mailing address after 60 days, Nike will refund you.

– You can add a personalized message when you make the order for the gift card.

Nike gift cards are redeemable at Nike and Converse stores in the US or Puerto Rico on the Nike official online store. In Ghana, Nike gift cards are redeemable for cash by selling the gift card to gift card exchanges. One of the most credible and trustworthy gift card exchanges in Ghana is Astro Africa.


Astro Africa: Best Platform to Sell your Nike Gift Card

Astro Africa deals in the trade of digital assets such as gift cards. The founders aimed to create a platform where Africans can partake in the billion-dollar industry of digital assets. Even though the reach right now is to only Ghanaians and Nigerians, other Africans will enjoy Astro Africa in the future.

Astro is achieving its aim through the Astro App and the Astro Africa website. These mediums allow people to sell their gift cards in 2-3 hours. Let us review some of the reasons why Astro Africa is the best spot for you to sell your Nike gift card.

Astro Africa has the best gift card rates. When comparing with other gift card exchanges, we offer rates that are more favorable than others. GiftcardstoNaira has their rate for the Nike gift card at GHS 3.4 while Astro Africa has their rate at GHS 3.89.

Check out the gift card rates on Astro Africa.

Many individuals have been victims of online scammers that mask as gift card traders. Astro Africa makes provision for customers to reach them through the online customer assistant. Transactions on Astro Africa are finalized in a max of two hours. The team understands that customers become disturbed when financial transactions lag, hence they work to settle transactions in record time.

Cybersecurity is a priority for the team at Astro Africa. In line with the customer-centric policy of the business, we ensure to safeguard users’ data from cybercriminals. The application and the website are laced with an up-to-date online security protocol to protect user data.

The Astro app and the website are made as easy as possible to use. Users do not need extensive knowledge of the internet to use Astro Africa. Our team of developers ensured the user interface was made as simple and interactive as possible.

These are the simple steps to follow in using Astro Africa.

How to Use Astro Africa

You can use either the Astro Africa Website or the Astro App to redeem your Nike gift card and other gift cards. 

To use the Astro App, the procedures are listed below. 

– Download the application Astro App from the Google play store.

– Create an account and sign in with your login details.

– Select the type of card you want to trade

– Submit the card details

– Await confirmation; once the card is verified, you will be credited instantly.

To use the Astro Africa website, 

– Visit Astro Africa on your browser. 

– Click on login/signup on the home page.

– Select the kind of card you want to trade

– Submit your card details

– Await confirmation; once the card is verified, you will be credited instantly.

–See how to use AstroAfrica App

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