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How to Sell your eBay gift card in Nigeria


How to Sell your eBay gift card in Nigeria


Are you searching for a reliable platform to sell your eBay gift card for instant cash in Nigeria? Then, Astro Africa is what you need! Astro Africa is a pan-African fintech company with offices in Lagos, Nigeria, and Accra, Ghana. 

What is an eBay Gift Card?

An eBay gift card is one of the very famous gift cards available online. eBay gift cards range from about $10 to $500 worth and can be used to buy anything on eBay ranging from motors, fashion, home, and gardens, etc. eBay gift cards are very much available as e-codes and physically. A fantastic feature of the eBay gift card is that they have no expiration date and require payment of no fee at all. eBay issues their gift cards in retail locations and is also readily available on their site. In addition, eBay offers some great amazing discounts on their products.

How to convert eBay gift card to Naira

 Do you own a dormant eBay gift card that you want to convert to naira fast? Astro Africa is a trusted and certified company involved in trading all kinds of gift cards in Nigeria. Astro also gives the best available rates for your eBay gift card exchange in Nigeria.

The service Astro renders is the exchange of digital assets like gift cards. We are in total commitment to the idea of making available quick, easy, and stress-free gift card trading for our customers. We are a customer-friendly company inspire to build an encompassing platform towards achieving easy financial transactions for Africans.

Currently, we offer our prompt services in Nigeria, usually through the Astro Africa website and user-friendly app. However, we are aware that not everybody with a gift card in Nigeria intends to buy stuff online. Instead, some people are solely engrossed in monetizing the gift card into their local bank account – hence, the creation of Astro Africa!  

With Astro Africa, all gift cards exchanges are 100% safe and secure. Moreover, the app provides constant services for customers to trade their gift cards comfortably, making swift and instant monetary payments into the users’ bank accounts.

Astro Africa provides an around-the-clock customer services system that is always readily available to see to customers’ complaints, requests, and feedback.

Astro also allows you to trade eBay gift cards comfortably assured payment in minutes. Astro Africa is unarguably the best shot at profit-making and flourished trading gift cards in Nigeria for new and existing traders. 

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How to Sell Your eBay gift card on the Astro App for Naira:

1. First, download the Astro Africa app on your mobile device from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

2. For new and intending members, Create an account. Existing members can log in by typing in the correct email and password previously registered. 

To sign up, you need to make available your name and an existing email address. It would be best if you also had a username and password. You will receive a 6-digit pin to confirm your credentials. After all this, your account creation is complete. 

3. Insert your login details to sign in to your account successfully.

4. Select the gift card you want to sell. In this case, make sure you select eBay. 

5. Choose the bank account to which you want your cash credited. If you have not pre-registered your bank account details, it is compulsory to do so at this point. 

6. Input the eBay gift card amount.

7. Upload an image of your card and input an image remark.

8. Submit and await your confirmation in few minutes.

9. Once the confirmation is complete and your payment is made directly to the already specified bank account. 

How to use Astro Mobile App

It is fast, easy, and completely stress-free. 

Getting exchanges that will buy your gift cards at favorable and mouth-watering rates is quite a difficult task. However, Astro Africa is in business to buy your eBay gift cards at rates that ascertain customers get fantastic value from their transactions. You can familiarize yourself with our rates using the rate calculator. 

Astro Africa is a user-friendly platform. In the app, usability is given great importance by the Astro Africa team. The interface on both the mobile app and the website makes Astro Africa stress-free for users. The developers understand that if users find the process too confusing, they will discard it. Hence, Astro Africa works with the end users’ pleasure in mind.

When an online platform wanes in response, users can not comfortably rely on such media with their financial transactions. Also, another obvious point as to why Astro Africa surpasses other platforms. The Astro app is made to be highly useful so that it won’t give customers issues. For example, selling your eBay gift card on this platform certifies minimal delay in confirming the transaction. 

Finally, with a safe and secure platform, customers do not need to worry. Astro Africa gave security the topmost priority during the creation of this platform. Any online platform that requires your financial details must be intentional about protecting your details. 

The Astro team made cybersecurity a top priority by ensuring to inbuild the platform with internet security protocols. As a result, Astro Africa offers customers a very reliable transaction platform. When you input your private account details on the website, it is ascertained that your details are secure. The platform is augmented with SSL certification and is assured of total safety from hackers. Regular upgrades are done to the security systematization of this platform to ensure complete online security for users’ data. 

Astro Africa has a reliable server host as the platform is integrated with some of the most reliable web payment processors. As a result, you can make payments without being scared of failed or delayed transactions. In addition, the technical proficiency put into creating the platform is unarguably a plus for every customer. 

There is no limitation to the amount of gift card funds and transactions you can achieve. In addition, referral bonuses, exquisite rates, 24/7 customer services, and speedy transactions are available on this app. 

We are a gift card trading platform that is almost too good to be true. 

Astro Africa delights in the feedbacks of customers, and a list of satisfied customers’ reviews will put your mind at rest. Not only do you get quick payments. You also get fantastic value for your gift cards.