Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card and Get Cash Instantly

Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card and Get Cash Instantly

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What is an Amazon gift card?

Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card and Get Cash Instantly: You can use Amazon Gift Cards to buy certain goods and services on and a few related sites approved in the Gift Card Terms and Conditions. Do you know that finding a perfect gift for a person isn’t easy? has an unbelievable list of products, and often it seems like a difficult trying to figure out the right present for a loved one. However, whether it’s a birthday present, the celebration of a special occasion, the reward for an employee, or a simple appreciation gesture, a Gift Card can be seen as the perfect present.

Amazon Gift cards are recoverable for lots of items on They have no charges and can never expire. You can buy Amazon Gift Cards in almost any amount. The recipient can either spend their Amazon Gift card or have it deposited into their personal Amazon account until they need it. A gift card balance kept in an Amazon account will stay in the account until required. 

Amazon gift cards can also be offered in many popular restaurants, stores, and spas. A few brands you can buy an amazon gift card for include SUBWAY, Cracker Barrel, Regal Entertainment, Forever 21, and many more!

Gift cards can be sent with a personal message for the recipient. No matter what gift card you pick, recipients are sure to get a perfect gift.

Amazon gift cards are pre-paid coupons with instant discounts on categories and products. These coupons can be transformed into an Amazon Pay Balance. Amazon gift cards can also be used to pay for other bills, including mobile phone bills and other bills. Amazon Gift Cards can be of any denomination and are restorable for 365 from the date of issue. You can decide the medium for getting your cards online, through the mail, or physical delivery. 

What can you purchase with your Amazon Gift Card?

There is no limitation to what you can buy and not buy with the Amazon Gift Card. You can buy products ranging from electronics, gaming and sporting, fitness, beauty products to even books and so much more. There are a few popular categories which include men’s and women’s fashion, health and personal care, innovative technology, audio equipment, and a lot more.

How to Purchase and Sell Amazon Gift Cards

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1. Find the Right Website: The Right Website for purchasing an Amazon Gift Card is › gift cards. 

You can pick out the categories and brands for which you want to buy the gift card. The gift card can also be used to pay for utility bills, electricity bills, mobile bills, etc. You might take a bit of time here trying to figure out the right gift card to buy.

2. Log in to your account: If you have not logged into your account already, you will have to log in with the correct credentials. If you have logged in from one account and want the voucher on another account, you need not worry. You can share your coupons with family and friends and also use them for gifting purposes. 

3. Make a selection of the gift card value of your choice: You can pick the gift card value based on several categories and products. While shopping for the cards, you would get the maximum amount you can buy them for. You can use the Amazon card for the following categories; brands, occasions, festive gifting, and many more. 

4. Make payment for your gift card: Click on the checkout button and pay the total amount for your purchase. After checking and buying the coupon, you can proceed to redeem the voucher.

How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card Coupon

You can redeem your Amazon Gift Card Coupon in two ways using Astro Africa.

1. Via the Website 

i. You can proceed to visit the correct website link;

ii. Log in to your account using the correct credentials. You can also create a new account.

iii. Select the currency that you want to be paid in. 

iv. Pick the gift card you want to exchange; an amazon gift card in this case. 

v. Input the bank details you want the payment made into as the amount can’t be without this. 

vi. Proceed to submit your Amazon Card Code and wait for confirmation.

vii. Payment is made as soon as the confirmation is done. 

The above procedure is used when you need to log in to the Astro Africa website through your phone browser.  

2. Via the Astro Africa Mobile App:

i. Download and install the Astro Africa Mobile App from the Store on your device.

ii. Proceed to login to your account if you have one OR create one if you don’t.

iii. On logging in, click on the rates to confirm the rate for the Amazon Card you are willing to exchange.

v. Click on your preferred payment currency.

vi.  Proceed to type in your correct account details.

vii. Type in the correct Amazon card details.

viii. Your account will be immediately credited on confirmation completion. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can someone aside from me use my Amazon Gift Card Code?

  It is possible to share Amazon Gift Card Code with anybody so that they will also be able to relish in the benefit of the slashed rates.

2. Can I use Amazon Gift Card for Amazon Festive Sales?

   Amazon Gift Card is valid for Amazon’s Special and festive sales like the Christmas and New Year Sales. 

3. Is it possible to gift my Amazon Gift Card to someone?

   You can gift your Amazon Gift Card to anyone you deem fit. You can also decide to buy and give through a card. However, the way you want it is possible. 

4. Can my order be changed?

  If an item ordered arrives physically damaged, different from the described product, or is missing some parts, it will be qualified for a free replacement as much as the product is still available from the seller. 

5. How can I return a Gift? 

   To confirm if a Gift can be returned, you need to visit the Gift option to verify if you are qualified for a return. 

   You could return a gift if the original payment receipt were sent to you.

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