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HOW TO REDEEM WALMART GIFT CARD IN NIGERIA How much $100 Walmart Gift Card in Cedis?

HOW TO REDEEM WALMART GIFT CARD IN NIGERIA : Walmart Inc is an American worldwide retail enterprise that works a chain of hypermarkets, markdown retail chains, and supermarkets from the United States settled in Bentonville, Arkansas.

A Walmart gift card is a physical, plastic Walmart gift card. It can be used in Walmart stores or for online shopping at A Walmart eGift Card is a digital Walmart gift code and comes in the form of a legend.


Walmart offers many electronic gift cards and restaurant gift cards, from fast-food restaurants such as Taco Bell, Subway, and Burger King to higher-end restaurants such as Morton’s Steakhouse and Flemings. In addition, Walmart has gift cards for online services like Skype, Facebook, Hulu, and the PlayStation Store equally. In addition, several movie theatres have gift cards for sale at Walmart. These theatres are AMC Cinemas and the Regal Entertainment Group, along with Fandango. Walmart also has Southwest Airlines gift cards, and they are available in denominations of $50, $100, and $200.

Walmart offers prepaid credit gift cards that can be used anyplace credit cards are accepted. Walmart has Mastercard, Visa, and American Express prepaid cards in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $200. Walmart gift cards are also sold and can be used in-store and online. These cards are available in many different designs for a wide variety of occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

It is simple if you are in Nigeria and need to exchange your Walmart gift card, regardless of whether you are out of Nigeria and need to trade your Walmart gift card for Naira. With this article, you will discover how to sell your Walmart gift card for cash.

Astro Africa is an organization determined to reshape the viewpoint of advanced resource trade in Africa. The organization is on course to achieve this, having made an easy-to-use stage that gives a consistent and straightforward route. This platform is gotten with impervious firewalls that ensure the wellbeing of people or corporate bodies who need to make online trade for gift vouchers in Africa.

An example of the most trusted platform for trading your gift card is Astro Africa. With Astro Africa, you can sell your Walmart gift card to Naira at the best rates. Astro Africa is available both through a site or through the application. The two of them fill a similar exceptional need which is trading your gift cards. Astro Africa values clients’ declarations, and a rundown of fulfilled clients’ surveys will persuade you no less. So, in addition to the fact that you get cashback, you also get an excellent incentive for your gift vouchers. 

How to trade on Astro Africa;

  • Log on to the website at
  • Click on sign-up, and it will lead you to another webpage where you can fill in your details.
  • Verify your E-mail, and you are good to go.
  • Click on the sell gift cards.
  • Locate Walmart and click on it 
  • Fill out all necessary information like a wallet to credit, card category, amount, and a gift card image.
  •  Note: Gift cards uploaded in the wrong section will be forwarded to the right column and credited at the current rate in that section. The trade will take only a few minutes. A notification will be sent to you after.

Easy right!

Benefits of exchanging gift Cards with Astro Africa 

Best trade rates: Astro Africa is excited about ensuring you get a great incentive for your gift vouchers. Walmart gift cards are in different subcategories, and Astro gives the best rates for them all 

User-Friendly Interface: A fascinating and user-friendly UI that helps you navigate the website easily and makes trading gift cards the easiest. 

Rate Calculator: With the rates mini-computer on the Astro Africa site, you can right away perceive how much your Walmart gift card is worth. To utilize the rate mini-computer, select the kind of card, its class, and sum. 

Best Customer care: The best companies are always committed to client relations and questions. First-class client care is the primary concern at Astro Africa. Without much of a stretch, Merchants can convey their grievances and demands straightforwardly to Astro Africa and make sure to get a quick reaction. 

Speedy Payment/Transactions: Astro-Africa will credit your nearby financial balance when your Walmart gift card is confirmed. There is an exchange page to screen every one of your exchanges. 

Top-notch Security: One of the issues with digitalizing the world is the dread of individual data being taken. At Astro Africa, sufficient measures have been taken to guarantee the security of your accreditations. All your sign-in and wallet subtleties are 99.9% protected on Astro Africa.

Astro Africa is committed to making trading gift cards as easy and fun as possible for everyone, even beginners. Start trading now!