Sell Amex Gold Gift for Naira

Sell Amex Gold Gift for Naira

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What is an Amex Gold Gift?

Sell Amex Gold Gift for Naira: An Amex Gold Gift is a short form for American Express Gift Card. Amex Gold Gifts are great and can be used everywhere in the U.S. Shopping using your Gold Gift Card is similar to using your credit card, and the shopping can be done either online or in-person. Although you must check your account before shopping, these gift cards are elementary to avoid issues.

How To Check Your Amex Gold Gift Balance


i. Find your way to the main American Express Website: It is necessary, to begin with, the company’s homepage, which entails typing the correct website into the navigation bar instead of requesting your gift card balance directly. This immediately brings up the homepage instead of taking you to some authentic-looking scam site.

ii. Click the ‘Cards’ tab at the left corner of the homepage: It opens up several tabs after clicking. Click on ‘Cards,’ and the dropdown menu appears. 

iii. You need to click on the ‘ Prepaid Cards’ option in the dropdown menu: There is a menu with the ‘Prepaid Cards’ header on the far right. Next, click on ‘ Gift cards,’ which is the second option on the list. 

iv. Be sure to subsequently click on the ‘Check Balance’ tab at the top right section of the page: After clicking on the ‘Gift Cards’ option, the site will take you to the main gift card page where you click on ‘Check Balance’ on the upper right corner of the page. This tab is between the ‘Login Tab’ and the ‘Gift Ideas’ tab for easy access.

v. Type in the Card Information and Click on the ‘Sign in’ option to reveal the balance: The site requires you to type in the expiration date. 4-digit security code usually at the back of the card, and the 15-digit card number. Click on ‘Sign in’ to reveal the balance. You can also input your email address before clicking on the ‘Sign in’ option only if you want to create an Amex account which is usually optional as you can leave the field blank. 

2. Using the Card at a Store:

i. Check your card balance before going shopping: In case of a new card, it is best to confirm your card balance online to avoid any embarrassment at the cash register. For example, you can navigate to the ‘Check Your Balance’ page on the leading American Express Website, or you can directly proceed to

ii. You will have to swipe your gift card at the cash register as a credit/debit card: It is not compulsory to activate the card before you start using it. After shopping, you can use your gift card the same way you use your credit card, swiping your card through the reader as usual. You might need to ask the cashier questions if it seems like there is a problem.

iii. Pick ‘Credit’ as you sign in your name to finish your purchase: You complete your purchase just like you would with a credit card. After the swipe, you pick ‘Credit’ in the option of ‘Credit’ and ‘Debit’ and proceed to sign in your name to finish through with your transaction.

iv. You can bring another payment method to incase your purchase exceeds your balance: Your card will be declined if your purchase exceeds your gift card balance. However, you could be given the opportunity of a split transaction. As soon as the gift card amount is deducted from the total purchase amount, you can use another mode of payment, including a debit card, credit card, or cash, to balance up and finish your transaction.

v. You should only use the gift card for product or services purchase: While the Amex card is as good as cash in various aspects, you should never try to get some money from the ATM using the card.  You can’t get some money with it as it can only purchase products and services. 

vi. Do not use the gift card if you anticipate needing to return an item: It is important to note that vendors may have difficulty refunding money to your Amex gift card. Therefore, only use this card when you are sure there won’t be a need to return this purchase.

vii. Avoid using gift cards in making deposits or reservations: Amex Gold Gift Card should not be used for deposits or in making reservations as most businesses won’t allow you to. In addition, you stand a risk of losing money as a deposit refund can’t be processed on this card.

You can sell American Express Gift Card on Astro Africa.

Sell Amex Gold Gift for Naira

Simple Steps on How to sell Amex on Astro Africa

At Astro Africa, we make you available juicy deals in terms of rates. So if you own an American Express Gift Card and you would like to trade it for cash, here are a few simple steps on how to go about getting it done.

  1. First, create an account on Astro Africa and log in with the correct details.
  2. Find the “Gift card category” field and type in the type of gift card; AMEX in this case.
  3. Proceed to the “Gift card sub-category” field to know the type of American Express gift card you possess.
  4. Enter the amount of the card that you have available to sell, specify if it is worth between $100 to $300 or above
  5. Type out the code if necessary
  6. You get a confirmation as soon as the transaction is done.

Finally, get paid between 5-15 minutes.

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How To Get Payment Of Amex Gold Gift in Nigeria

Once the transaction is done, payment is immediately made to the naira address previously added. 

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