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How much $100 Walmart Gift Card in Cedis?

How much $100 Walmart Gift Card in Cedis?

How much $100 Walmart Gift Card in Cedis?

How much $100 Walmart Gift Card in Cedis? Have you been looking for the right platform to buy or sell your Walmart gift card at the best rates, be affordable, and get paid in no time? 

Well, welcome to the best app to sell gift cards in Ghana! Astro Africa!.

Astro Africa makes it easy to sell Walmart gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana! It is a platform that prides itself on offering the best Walmart gift card cashback on sale. So if you are interested in selling Walmart Naira or Cedis gift cards immediately, this is your definitive guide.

There are several ways to convert your Walmart card to Naira and Cedis in Nigeria and Ghana. However, there are a growing number of gift certificate scams these days, so sellers should always be careful who they are selling to. However, trading with Astro Africa can save you the stress of finding the best Walmart gift card trading platform. Africa is a gift card trading site for Nigeria, Ghana, and several other countries. They offer the best gift card prices and pay using Naira, Cedis Mobile Money, RMB, Bitcoin, Paypal, and more.

In Astro Africa, we offer the best and nothing but the best. We have provided an app and a trading website where customers can comfortably make sales without worrying about scams, which is safe, fast, and secure.

Before we carry on, we would like to take you on a ride to discover what Walmart gift card is and how you can trade them with use. This is important because we would like our customers to know better the gift card they are buying or selling with us to avoid future inconveniences.

I assure you it’s going to be a fun ride. Let’s go!

The Walmart gift card is a prepaid debit card that offers a safer, more convenient way to pay than cash. Walmart is a famous chain of department stores in the United States. You can buy a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, furniture, home appliances, toys, health and beauty products, clothing and shoes, groceries, cars, grocery. Pharmaceuticals, crafts, and parties. Share. 

Today, a $100 Walmart gift card at Cedis in Astro, Africa, is 355.88 cedis that are 3.56 cedis per dollar. This is the best price out there, and no other exchange platform can compete it simply because we offer the best rates. This is why Astro Africa is better than any other gift card exchange platform. At Astro Africa, we don’t set an intermediate fee; we let you know the actual value of your card without removing suspicious intermediate costs that reduce sales. 

Please understand that not all tag meanings are the same. The purchase price largely depends on the popularity of the seller. Of course, you can always check your Walmart card balance. 

Card prices vary from place to place. Another tip to help you choose the best deal is that the same card may offer different prices on different websites. So choose a reliable website like Astro Africa that gives you the best value for your Walmart gift card.

On our Astro Africa app, we made it possible for our users to be able to calculate the rates at which gift cards are sold and bought, and that is through our rates calculator. 

How to use our Rate Calculator.

*Download the app:  You can go to the play store to download the app or visit our website to explore!

* log in credentials: After downloading the app, you correctly log in your credentials which are your email address and password. Don’t have an account with us? No worries, you can sign up and fill in your credentials.

*Check out our Rate Calculator: Now, you don’t need to go further. Just on the log-in page, to the right, a three-horizontal kebab menu dashes can be seen. You have to click on it and get ready to explore our Rates Calculator.

*Sell and Buy: This is where you select your preferred mode of action.

*Select Currency: You can select the currency you want to buy or sell at this point. There are two categories Nigerian Naira

 and Ghana Cedes.

*Select Card: You can select from a wide variety of cards on our platform.


Amex Gold


Google Play




One Vanilla




Walmart and sams club

Apple Store

And so on!

The last few steps are easy. Just select your card categories and input the amount in U.S dollars.

Have fun trading!