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DART AFRICA VS BINANCE P2P: The need for Ghanaians to accept Cryptocurrency stems from the need for a better form of investment that would yield good profit and is devoid of the shortcomings of local banks. As we all know, there is nothing Ghanaians love other than making good profits, and Cryptocurrency encompasses all that and even more. 

Cryptocurrency is a currency, but it is not a currency in the way your local currencies are currencies. Rather, it is a digital currency that only exists online and is devoid of any control from the government or any organization. That is why most crypto enthusiasts usually call it a “decentralized” or “deregulated” currency. 

Unlike your local banks that store your transaction in a bank ledger, cryptocurrency transactions are stored in a digital database called the blockchain. Cryptocurrency continues to flourish with over 10,000 coins globally, with over 1000 coins in use in Ghana. The biggest and most used Cryptocurrency in Ghana is Bitcoin. Since Ghanaians started using bitcoin, it has become the most preferred mode of payment.

The first step to selling bitcoin in Ghana is owning Bitcoin by buying it from an exchange platform. When you own a volume of any coin, you wait for a while for the coin’s value to increase before proceeding to sell the coin. Before you can sell your cryptocurrencies in Ghana, you need a legit crypto exchange platform that will provide you with seamless crypto transactions.

To sell bitcoins online in Ghana, There are two exchange platforms in Ghana: the Binance platform and the Dart Africa platform. They have proven to be the best by providing the best crypto exchange services in Ghana. Now, new crypto traders in Ghana are confused as to which exchange is preferable. This article aims to answer their question and inform them of the distinct features of both platforms based on some parameters.


Dart Africa vs Binance p2p: user-friendly interface

Having to ask for assistance before using a platform makes trading tiresome. That is, Dart Africa made its platform easy to use for all and sundry. Binance might be more tech-savvy, but Dart Africa will still be preferred because it is easy to navigate the platform.

By creating an account on Dart Africa, you can sell your bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and get paid instantly in Cedis. However, on the other hand, Binance uses peer-to-peer (P2P) for all transactions that require you to pick a buyer from an organized list before you can trade. In a way, searching for a suitable one is exhausting and reduces your overall trading experience.

Dart Africa vs Binance p2p: speed of payment

When it comes to payment speed, Dart Africa is faster because it is direct. All you need to do is log into your account, proceed to sell, and immediately your transactions are verified and approved, your account will be credited.

On the Binance platform, the payment speed depends on the buyer you paired with to sell your coins, but it doesn’t take more than an hour to get paid.

Dart Africa vs Binance p2p: extra transaction charges

On Dart Africa, what you see is what you get. No hidden charges are accrued when you sell your bitcoin on Dart Africa. Everything is done seamlessly and for free. On the other hand, Binance charges 0.10% on all trading transactions across the platform, which might increase in the future.

Dart Africa vs Binance p2p: Flexibility

Dart Africa supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BNB, and Dogecoin, and only pays customers in Cedis. 

However, Binance, on the other hand, supports a wide array of over 500 cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Binance also pays its customers in several local currencies.

Dart Africa vs. Binance: platform security

Both Binance and dart Africa offer world-class security features to protect your financial assets. Binance uses a trust wallet partnership because it does not have its digital wallet. Dart Africa, on the other hand, gives you your wallet immediately after you register on their platform. 

Binance uses security features such as whitelisting, advanced verification, and Two-factor authentication to protect the digital assets of its customers. In contrast, Dart Africa uses email verification and allows you to manage your account by changing your password whenever you want to.

In the end, the ball is in your court. All you need to ask yourself is which platform will serve me better, and every other thing will become easy from then.