DART AFRICA VS PAXFUL P2P: Trading cryptocurrency in Ghana requires you to pick the most suitable online exchange platform. Cryptocurrency transaction is quite easier than the local currencies that you have to go to the bank before performing financial transactions. Because cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that only exists online, you can only perform crypto transactions online.

There is more than 100 cryptocurrency exchange platform in Ghana, and it is still on the increase. However, due to the increase in the number of exchange platforms, several fake online platforms exist. Hence, in selecting an exchange platform, you need to be cautious to prevent being scammed or ripped by scammers.

The best cryptocurrency exchange platform in Ghana is Dart Africa and Paxful. They are both unique apps that are passionate about giving you nothing less than the best trading experience. This article aims to put these platforms side by side and compare them. By comparing them, you can pick the most suitable platform for your cryptocurrency transactions.

Dart Africa vs Paxful P2P: ease of use

When people decide to use a platform to sell their bitcoin, the first thing they do is lookout for a platform that they can. Hence, it is quite certain that you do not need a platform that requires third-party assistance before you can get started. Dart Africa is easy to use in its entirety. The platform is so straight to the point that you can be done with selling yours in less than 20 minutes.

Paxful, on the other hand, is quite easy to use but not as easy as Dart Africa. Paxful uses a peer-2-peer (p2p) system for all cryptocurrency trades. That means you need to pick a suitable buyer from a list of buyers before you can sell your bitcoin. While P2P is an impressive technology, it still wastes your time in a way. You will have to read details of the buyer’s offer, check for the reliability of your potential buyer, and the buyer’s availability, unlike Dart Africa that requires very few steps to sell your bitcoin.

Dart Africa vs Paxful P2P: security

One of the features that must be present in the cryptocurrency trading platform of your choice is security. When it comes to security, both Paxful and Dart Africa keep personal and financial information safe. Your rights as a platform user are protected in their user’s privacy policy and terms of the agreement. Recently, Paxful introduced a secured way for cryptocurrency trading that blocks transactions to high-risk addresses. On the other hand, Dart Africa uses email verification and allows its users to manage their accounts by changing the account passwords at any time.

Dart Africa vs Paxful: cryptocurrencies supported

Again, Dart Africa wins in this category as it sells more than one cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrencies traded on the Dart Africa platform are Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Paxful supports only bitcoin on their online platform.

Dart Africa vs Paxful: special features

The special feature embedded in Dart Africa is the Dart Africa cryptocurrency rate calculator that allows you to calculate the current rate of your coin before selling. The rate calculator feature on the Dart Africa exchange platform aims to help you keep tabs on the current rates of your cryptocurrency since they are subject to constant change.

The special feature of Paxful is that it is flexible in terms of payment. It allows 300 payment methods, unlike Dart Africa that allows only cash in Ghanaian cedes and mobile money.

The decision rests on you to pick the platform the best suits you. If you are selling a cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin, Dart Africa is the way to go.


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