SELL AMEX GIFT CARDS IN NIGERIA: Amex is an acronym for American Express. Amex gift card is a prepaid debit card that has been preloaded with funds in dollars and can be used to purchase goods on any online webshop in the US or can be given as gifts to loved ones.

Note that the only online websites where you can use your Amex gift cards are shops that accept them as a means of payment.

If you want to purchase or order an Amex gift card, you should know that they are only issued by American express and are processed on the American Express network. Various forms of Amex gift cards include AMEX prepaid debit cards, Amex credit cards, and AMEX charge cards.

Each type of Amex gift card has varying prices depending on their exchange rates. There are no online webshops in Nigeria that accept AMEX gift cards; hence, they are sold for cash on gift card exchange platforms.

Before you decide to sell your AMEX gift cards on any platform, ensure that the platform is reputable. This is done to avoid being scammed by fraudsters on the internet. The gift card exchange platform you can trust is Astro Africa. Astro Africa is the best trading platform in Nigeria. It sells all gift cards at the best rates and pays its customers instantly without delays.

How much is a $100 Amex gift card in naira?

On Astro Africa, your $100 Amex gift card is currently worth 35,000 naira and 32,000 naira for credit receipt and debit receipt, respectively. Kindly use the gift cards rates calculator on the Astro Africa platform to calculate the current rates of all your gift cards.

How much is a $200 Amex gift card in naira

A $200 Amex gift card on Astro Africa is currently sold for 70,000 naira and 64,000 naira for debit and credit receipt, respectively. You can calculate the current rates of all your gift cards by using the rates calculator feature on the Astro Africa platform.

How much is a $500 AMEX gift card in naira?

Currently, on Astro Africa, the price of your $500 Amex gift card is 180,000 naira and 170,000 naira for cash receipt and debit receipt, respectively. You can easily calculate the rates of all your gift cards by using the Astro Africa rates calculator.

Other features of Astro Africa

In addition, Astro Africa has the following features to improve your trading experience.

  • Allows Peer to Peer (P2P) transactions amongst Astro users without attracting exchanges like the conventional banks.
  • Pays all their customers upon referring new customers to trade on the website
  • The platform has an inbuilt rates calculator feature that allows you to calculate the rate of any gift card.
  • Payment of everyday bills from Astro account without incurring extra charges.

How to sell Amex gift cards on Astro Africa

The only action you can perform on Astro Africa without becoming a registered user is to calculate current rates using the rates calculator. However, to sell your Amex gift cards, you must first become a registered user so that you can become eligible for an Astro wallet. 

Creating an account on Astro Africa is quite easy because all you need is a valid email address, name, and password. After registering on the platform, you can go ahead to sell your gift cards on Astro Africa. Kindly follow the process below to sell your steam wallet gift cards.

  • Log into your account on Astro Africa.
  • Click on “sell gift cards” on your dashboard.
  • Select Amex gift card as the type of gift card you want to sell.
  • Select NGN wallet to credit.
  • Select gift card category.
  • Enter the amount of the gift card you want to sell.
  • Upload a clear image of the card you want to sell.
  • Click on submit. Astro Africa will credit your Astro account immediately after the transaction is verified.

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