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buy or sell in Ghana: How to choose which gift card


buy or sell in Ghana: Are you looking for a safe platform to sell your gift cards in Ghana? Say no more, as Astro Africa is the ultimate solution. ( buy or sell in Ghana )

Astro Africa is the best gift card exchange platform in Ghana. Astro Africa sells gift cards at the best rates and is committed to ensuring that its customers get the best trading experience. However, before trading gift cards for cash on Astro Africa, there are some things that you need to know. These factors will help you decide when choosing a gift card to buy or sell in Ghana. ( buy or sell in Ghana )

Hidden Fees 

Before buying gift cards, you have to make sure that there are no hidden fees. Mind you, not all gift cards have hidden fees attached. The gift cards with attached fees usually vary depending on the fee amount and the time limits. 

Some gift cards come with automatic annual or monthly fees. While most gift cards usually come with an inactivity fee that would only be charged on your gift card, they are not used for a specified time. The details of the gift card fees you buy are usually indicated in fine prints displayed on store counters or online. 

Hence, you must read the terms when purchasing or receiving gift cards to understand all of the fees, which may reduce the value of the card if/when it isn’t used. As of when this article was written, the most common monthly rate is 2%.

buy or sell in Ghana

On Astro Africa, you are not charged any fee when you sell your gift cards. Some gift card exchange platforms in Ghana charge their customers during withdrawals but not Astro Africa. When you sell gift cards on Astro Africa, you are taking a break from the fees that conventional Ghanaian banks charge. 

Rates, issuer, and popularity of the gift card

The exchange rates of gift cards primarily depend on the demand and supply of gift cards. The higher the demand and lower the gift card supply, the higher its exchange rates. While the lower the demand and the higher the supply, the lower the exchange rate of the gift card. 

The popularity of the gift card issuer is a significant driver of its popularity. In the same vein, the popularity of the gift card is a significant determinant of the high exchange rates of the gift cards. That is why gift cards issued by Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, Apple, and Google always have high rates. The aforementioned issuers are popular, which automatically means that their gift cards are popular and in high demand. 

Very few exchange platforms allow you to sell gift cards at high exchange rates, and Astro Africa is one of them. On Astro Africa, Apple gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Sephora gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Google play gift cards, and iTunes gift cards are sold at over 80% of their face value. Astro Africa also has a rates calculator on which you can calculate the current rates of all your gift cards.

buy or sell in Ghana

buy or sell in Ghana

Expiration Dates 

There are thousands of gift cards available in Ghana today, and most of them do not have expiration dates. Sometimes, the expiration dates of gift cards are displayed in fine prints on their back or front. There are gift cards that do not expire and are reloadable, like Amazon gift cards. However, if you happen to buy a gift card that will expire in days and location constraints are present, you can always sell gift cards online. 

Nowadays, you’ll find several reputable platforms on the web in Ghana that allow you to sell gift cards fast and easily. Astro Africa is the gift card exchange platform that allows you to sell gift cards safely and hassle-free in Ghana.

On Astro Africa, after you’ve provided your card details, your preferred account will be credited immediately. Hurry now to Astro Africa to sell your unused gift cards and get paid instantly in Ghana cedis.

Redemption Terms

Redemption terms are an essential factor to consider before buying gift cards. The redemption terms of some gift cards can either make or break your excitement for its use. Gift cards are widely available in today’s market because of their convenience. However, not all gift cards can be used anywhere, anytime. Some gift cards are restricted to online transactions, like Razer gold gift cards, and others are presold and can only be redeemed after some time.

The fantastic news for Ghanaians is that all gift cards can be sold on Astro Africa for instant cash. Astro Africa is a safe and reliable platform where you can easily sell gift cards for cash. On Astro Africa, there are no restrictions. You can sell more than 20 gift cards a day without any issue. ( buy or sell in Ghana )