gift card for Ghanaian Cedis e-gift cards for cash in 2022

HIGHEST RATE IN GHANA: Have you ever wondered what it would take for you to make money online without having to wear a suit and tie? Did you know selling gift cards online is a very lucrative and legit way to make money from the comfort of your home? All it takes to successfully trade gift cards online and make sweet gains is to find a trustworthy and reliable gift card exchange platform. ( HIGHEST RATE IN GHANA )

If you have been searching for a platform you can trust and desperately need answers; this article is for you. The best gift card exchange platform in Ghana is Astro Africa. Astro Africa sells all types of gift cards at the best rates, both popular and not-so-popular gift cards. On Astro Africa, all customers are treated with respect, which is evident in how the platform never delays payment. This means that immediately after you complete your transaction on Astro Africa, you get paid without delay and with zero risks.


While Astro Africa has managed to sell gift cards at high exchange rates despite the exchange market’s volatility, not all gift cards have the same rates. Some gift cards have higher rates than other gift cards, which is usually a result of the demand and supply of the gift card.

If a gift card is in high demand and low supply, the gift card will have a higher exchange rate. However, if a gift card is in low demand and high supply, the gift card will have a lower exchange rate. Apart from demand and supply, other factors affect the rates of gift cards: currency, exchange market, and popularity.

Your chances of making high profits from selling gift cards on Astro Africa depend on the type of gift card you buy and sell. That is why you must strive to buy gift cards at high rates that would make you a profit – HIGHEST RATE IN GHANA

This article explores the gift cards with the highest rates in Ghana and how much they are sold on Astro Africa per $100.



Amazon gift cards

Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase several types of items like digital music, fashion items, kitchen utensils, and so on from amazon.com. The exchange rates of Amazon gift cards are usually dependent on the currency in which it was issued, the type of receipt (cash, activation, or debit receipt), and the time of the year. Amazon gift cards are usually in high demand towards the end of the year.

When you exchange a $100 USA Amazon gift card on Astro Africa, you get paid GHS446.40 for cash receipt and GHS417.60 for debit receipt.

iTunes and Apple store gift cards

Apple.com issues iTunes and Apple store gift cards. With your iTunes and Apple Store gift cards, you can easily purchase Apple hardware devices and software items from Apple.

Both gift cards are always in high demand because of their popularity, so the rates are usually high. The current rate of a $100 Apple store gift card and a $100 iTunes gift card on Astro Africa is GHS404.20 and GHS388.80, respectively.

Steam gift cards – HIGHEST RATE IN GHANA

Steam gift cards are used to purchase gaming content and in-game apps from Steam. Steam gift cards are usually in high demand because of the popularity of the games they sell. In this vein, Steam gift cards are mostly sold at a high rate on Astro Africa.

A $100 USA steam card is sold for GHS453.60 for physical and GHS424.80 for ecode on Astro Africa.

Google play gift cards

Google play gift cards are used by android users to purchase movies, music, apps, games, and books from Google PlayStore. Since Google play gift cards are usually used by android users worldwide to make purchases, they are always in high demand. Hence, Astro Africa sells Google play gift cards at high rates.

On Astro Africa, a $100 USA Google play gift card is sold for GHS453.60 and GHS424.80 for physical and ecode types, respectively.

How to calculate gift card rates on Astro Africa – HIGHEST RATE IN GHANA

To calculate the current rates of your gift cards, use the Astro Africa rates calculator. The Astro Africa rates calculator is accurate in its entirety and constantly updated with the current rates from the exchange market. Follow the processes below to use the calculator.

  • Visit the Cardvest website.
  • Click on check rates.
  • Select currency, which is Ghana cedis in this instance.
  • Select the type of gift card.
  • Select the type of gift card category.
  • Input the USD amount of your gift, and your current gift card rate will be displayed immediately in Ghana cedis.
  • After using the rates calculator, don’t forget to sell your gift cards for cash on Astro Africa to enjoy the sweet bonuses and rates they have in stock for you.

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