How to sell gift cards in Ghana in 2022

How to sell gift cards in Ghana: Before selling gift cards in Ghana, you need to find a gift card exchange platform that can meet all your trading needs. Also, to make a decision, there are some qualities that you need to look out for in the exchange platform. If the exchange platform lacks any of the features listed and discussed below, you should not use the platform. Some of the fraudulent platforms in Ghana can be very convincing, but after reading this article, you can tell when the platforms are trying to scam you. ( How to sell gift cards in Ghana )

  • Trustworthy and reliable: One of the essential qualities of a good gift card trading platform is reliability and trustworthiness. This means that the platform can provide 24/7 uninterrupted services whenever you want them. The platform should be able to handle bulky transactions without crashing.
  • Efficiency: The exchange platform you choose must be efficient in its entirety. If you notice that the platform is slow and clunky, run with your life. Platforms like that cannot be trusted to provide a good trading experience. 
  • User friendly: A good gift card exchange platform is easy to use and navigate without any complicating steps. Complicated user interfaces are a huge red flag, and you should avoid such platforms. The best gift card exchange platforms in Ghana were created with the need to provide ease for the user.
  • Security: Security is of utmost importance in any good gift card exchange platform. It wouldn’t be nice to keep money in your wallet, only to return and find out that it’s all gone. The best exchange platforms put efficient measures in place to ensure that all your funds and personal information are safe and protected from unauthorized third parties. Scammers and rippers will not be able to gain access to your funds on a good exchange platform.
  • Fantastic rates and instant payment: The primary reason you sell gift cards for cash is to make profits, and only good rates can help them achieve robust profits. Good exchange platforms always sell gift cards at the best rates to maximize their customers’ profits. Also, good exchange platforms always make an instant payment to gain the trust of their customers.
  • Customer support: A good gift card exchange platform has a responsive customer service team that readily attends to the needs of its customers. 

How to sell gift cards in Ghana

Finding a platform that encompasses all the features discussed above is pretty challenging. Still, we did a deep search and discovered that Astro Africa embodies all the features mentioned above. 

Astro Africa is no doubt the best gift card trading platform in Ghana. Apart from having all the discussed features, Astro Africa has extra features like the rates calculator and referral bonuses that make Ghanaian traders keep choosing them. The rates calculator calculates the current rates of all types of gift cards. To use the rates calculator, follow the steps below. ( How to sell gift cards in Ghana )

How to sell gift cards in Ghana
  • Visit the Astro Africa website.
  • Click on check rates.
  • Input all the information that is required of you.
  • Input the dollar amount of your gift card.
  • Immediately, the Ghana cedis equivalent of your gift card will be displayed on your screen.

How to sell gift cards on Astro Africa for cedis


Follow the steps below to sell gift cards at the best rates on Astro Africa – How to sell gift cards in Ghana

  • Create an account on Astro Africa by visiting the Astro Africa website. 
  • After creating your account, you will be redirected to your dashboard immediately.
  • Click on sell gift cards on the taskbar, and a list of gift cards will be displayed.
  • Select the gift card you want to sell.
  • Select wallet to credit (Ghanaian wallet).
  • Select the gift card category.
  • Enter the amount of the gift card in USD.
  • Upload an image of the card and a note (optional).
  • Click on submit on the upper part of your screen to approve your transaction, and Astro Africa will pay you after a few minutes. 

How to withdraw money from your Astro Africa account

Astro Africa will pay your funds to your Astro Africa wallet, and you can withdraw them to a local bank account by following the processes below. 

  • Log into your account on the Astro Africa website.
  • Click on the grey box that reads “withdraw funds” on your dashboard.
  • Select the account to transfer to, which is any of the accounts you have already added.
  • Select wallet, which is “Ghana cedis” in this case.
  • Input the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Enter narration of transaction.
  • Enter your transaction pin.
  • Click on withdraw, and your local bank account will be credited immediately as long as you have sufficient funds in your Astro Africa wallet.

How to sell gift cards in Ghana

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