How to choose the best gift card for someone you love in Nigeria

choose the best gift card: Giving gifts is a great way to show that you love your friends and family. Gift cards are a great way to express such love. While giving gift cards as gifts might sound like a very easy idea, it can be very tasking because there are over 1000 gift card options to choose from. How do you know you are choosing the right gift card for your friend? – choose the best gift card

choose the best gift card

choose the best gift card

Most people would always say that it’s the thoughts that count, but giving people gifts that will be useful to them is also important. It is important to note that people often respond better to gifts that give them an experience, which you can accomplish in a few different ways. When people receive gift cards that are not useful to them, they end up stockpiling them in their drawers. That is why the number of unused gift cards worldwide increases every year.

This article was written to teach you how to choose the right gift cards for your loved ones in Nigeria.

Pay attention to the places the recipient frequents

There are people that like going shopping and there are others that do not. Hence, Pay attention to where the recipient likes to shop, dine, and be entertained, and then buy gift cards accordingly. For example, if the recipients love music, Apple gift cards are a perfect idea. If the person is cosmetic-savvy, Sephora gift cards will do the trick. Gift cards are like Amex gold, and Visa gift cards that do not have restrictions when it comes to where they are accepted are also perfect gift card ideas for anyone. 

choose the best gift card

If you are the recipient of a gift card in Nigeria and you can’t find a store that accepts gift cards as a means of payment in your locality, you can sell your gift cards for cash on Astro Africa, the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria.

Give a considerable Amount

Every gift card has the minimum and maximum funds you can put in them. Recipients should be able to redeem gift cards without supporting the purchase from their pockets. But that doesn’t mean you have to overspend your budget. Kindly pick a gift card usable for the recipient while still within your dollar limit. If you want to spend only $20, you can purchase iTunes, eBay, or Walmart gift cards. For $50 and higher, Apple, Sephora, and Steam gift cards will be perfect.

On Astro Africa, it doesn’t matter if your gift card is worth a dollar; you can trade it for cash or bitcoin on the platform. All you have to do is visit the Astro Africa website to see the amazing offers we have for you.

choose the best gift card


Choose gift cards that their brands are in close proximity to the location of the recipients for convenience. If they have to travel or pay shipping fees, it might be difficult to use. Gift cards to stores and restaurants easy for the recipient to visit are more likely to get used, so the perfect gift card should be redeemable locally or online. If you’re unsure where the card can be redeemed, check locations on the store’s website or call customer service.  


If you have just received gift cards from your relatives abroad and can’t find stores that accept them in your area, you can simply sell them for cash. To sell your gift cards for cash, visit Astro Africa, create an account and start trading your gift cards at the best rate.

Avoid gift cards with restrictions – choose the best gift card

Most gift cards have restrictions. Before now, gift cards used to have a lifespan of three years or even less. However, thanks to recent changes in gift card laws, most gift cards are valid for at least five years from the date of purchase and will not be charged fees unless inactive for over a year. To be safe, select a gift card with clearly disclosed fees and expiration dates so the recipient can access all available funds for as long as possible.

Before your gift cards expire, you can sell them for cash at the best rates on Astro Africa and get paid instantly. Astro Africa will also not charge you transaction or withdrawal fees.

choose the best gift card

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