The pros and cons of buying a gift card in Nigeria

pros and cons of buying a gift card: Nigeria has gone through many phases of businesses that people clamored to partake in, but none of them have ever been as sustainable as the business of trading gift cards for cash. Buying and selling gift cards in Nigeria is a viable business, but it has its pros and cons. The only way to subvert the cons is to find an exchange platform that satisfies your trading needs.

pros and cons of buying a gift card

pros and cons of buying a gift card

pros and cons of buying a gift card

The exchange platform must be able to provide you with a well-secured and safe place to trade your gift cards. The platform must be easy to navigate by being user-friendly and intuitive in its entirety. If the platform is difficult to navigate, you should pack up your load and run away because the platform will eventually frustrate or scam you.

The platform should have responsive customer service that is always available to meet your needs. If you encounter any problem buying or selling gift cards on the platform, you should be confident enough to contact customer service and expect a swift response.

pros and cons of buying a gift card

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Most importantly, the platform should sell gift cards at the best rates because that is the only way you can make good profits. Make no mistakes; not all exchange platforms care about their customers enough to sell gift cards at the best rates, so you must watch out for such platforms and avoid them. Lastly, the platform must be able to pay you immediately to prevent you from not getting worried about getting scammed.

The exchange platform that embodies all the features listed above is Astro Africa. With Astro Africa, you will be less affected by the cons listed in the latter part of this article. That is why Astro Africa is the platform of choice for most gift card traders in Nigeria.

Pros of buying gift cards in Nigeria

The pros of buying gift cards are the advantages of buying gift cards in Nigeria. Written below are the pros of trading your gift cards in Nigeria. pros and cons of buying a gift card

  • Gift cards are good gift cards for friends, so you can buy gift cards from exchange platforms and gift your friends and family on their special day.
  • With a gift card, you have the freedom to purchase whatever you want. For example, if you received a $300 Sephora gift card and are makeup savvy, you can buy any makeup product.
  • If you always go above your budget when shopping, gift cards are a great way to stick to your budget. Gift cards always have a limited amount of funds in them. Hence, immediately after you empty the gift card of its funds, you will know you are done shopping for the day.
  • You can profit from them by reselling them on exchange platforms like Astro Africa.

Cons of buying gift cards in Nigeria

Cons also mean disadvantages. The cons of buying gift cards in Nigeria are listed below.

  • Gift cards can easily be misplaced because of their size.
  • Gift cards usually have a lifespan of five years; if the gift cards are not used within that time frame, inactivity fees will be continuously deducted.
  • Closed-looped gift cards like iTunes and Amazon limit purchasing power since they are not accepted in every retail store.
  • The fear of getting scammed by a dubious exchange platform.

How to sell gift cards on Astro Africa

In the introduction, we already introduced you to the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria—Astro Africa. Now, we will show you how to successfully trade gift cards for cash in Nigeria without the fear of getting scammed. Follow the steps below to sell your gift cards on Astro Africa.

  • If you are new to Astro Africa, create an account with your valid email address, name, password, and referral code if you were referred. However, if you are an old user, sign in to your account by inputting your login details in the spaces provided.
  • After creating an account, you will be directed to your dashboard.
  • On your dashboard, click on sell gift cards, and the list of gift cards available on Astro Africa will be displayed.
  • Select the type of gift cards you want to sell.
  • Select the wallet you want to be credited. It could be a Ghanaian, Nigerian, or a bitcoin wallet.
  • Select the subcategory of the gift card you want to sell.
  • Upload a clear image of your gift card in the space provided. Before this, you must give Astro Africa access to your photo gallery.
  • Input a note if you want.
  • Click on submit, and Astro Africa will proceed to verify the transaction and credit your wallet immediately.

pros and cons of buying a gift card

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