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Which gift card has the highest resale value in Nigeria?

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Which gift card has the highest resale: Recently, our team did a random search of the keywords “gift cards” on Twitter and found over 2000 recent tweets of Nigerians talking about gift cards. Of the 2000 tweets, over 500 were gift card exchange platforms advertising their services, while the others were mostly active traders and gift card enthusiasts. Now, this phenomenon only means one thing. It means that Nigeria’s gift card trading industry is alive and well, and online platforms are fertile grounds for the industry to thrive. Which gift card has the highest resale

Which gift card has the highest resale

People are making profound gains from selling gift cards for cash online, and there have been several testimonies of how people have amassed wealth from trading on gift card platforms. While the legitimacy and reliability of a trader’s exchange platform have a lot to do with their successful trading experience, the type of gift cards they sell is also important.

Just like how we know the dollar to be a greater currency than the naira and other African currencies in the exchange market, some gift cards also have a higher exchange rate than others. Gift cards with high exchange rates are usually popular and in high demand. This boosts their market sales and clientele and simultaneously increases their resale value. When you sell gift cards with a high resale value, your profits can be above the roof, which is why you need to read this article.

Which gift card has the highest resale

This article will discuss five gift cards with the highest resale value. However, before we go further, you must know that you can trade each of the gift cards discussed on Astro Africa, the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria.

Amazon gift cards

Which gift card has the highest resale

Amazon gift cards are issued by Amazon, the largest ecommerce company in the world. Amazon gift cards are the most popular gift cards in the world because Amazon sells a variety of items. The rates of Amazon on Astro Africa are very high, and by selling gift cards on the platform, your profits will be maximized. There are several subcategories of Amazon gift cards, and their current rates on Astro Africa are; 

Which gift card has the highest resale        

  • Amazon US Cash receipt 50 and 100- NGN374.40/$
  • USA amazon cash receipt 150 – 400- NGN362.70/$
  • USA amazon Cash receipt 500 single- NGN339.30/$
  • USA amazon Debit receipt 50 and 100- NGN339.30/$
  • USA Amazon debit reciept 150 -400- NGN292.50/$

iTunes gift cards

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iTunes gift cards will always be a favorite as it is highly sought after in the gift card market. This card is usually used in Apple’s online store to buy music, movies, books, and other software. However, you can sell your iTunes gift cards for cash on Astro Africa and get paid instantly. The current rates of some iTunes gift cards on Astro Africa are listed below.

  • USA iTunes physical 100- NGN327.60/$
  • USA iTunes physical 200- 300 single- NGN327.60/$
  • USA iTunes physical 25, 20, 30, 75- NGN304.20/$
  • USA iTunes physical 50- NGN310.05/$
  • USA iTunes ecode 50- NGN292.50/$
  • USA iTunes ecode 100- NGN292.50/$
  • UK iTunes physical 50-200- NGN432.90/$

Steam gift cards

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Steam gift cards are conventionally used to buy gaming and in-game apps from Steam. Steam gift cards are always in high demand because they are popular. The rates of Steam gift cards on Astro Africa are very high, and you would make a lot of profits. Using the Astro Africa rates calculator, the current rates of Steam gift cards on Astro Africa are;

  • USA steam physical 20- 200- NGN368.55/$
  • USA steam ecode 20- 200- NGN345.15/$
  • EURO Steam physical 20- 200- NGN397.80/$
  • EURO steam ecode 20- 200- NGN368.55/$
  • UK steam physical 20- 200- NGN479.70/$
  • UK steam ecode 20- 200- NGN444.60/$

Sephora gift cards 

Sephora gift cards are only redeemable in Sephora stores. With a Sephora gift card, you can purchase beauty items like lipsticks and foundation from Sephora stores. However, if you are in Nigeria, you would know that there are no Sephora stores. Hence, your best option would be to sell gift cards on an exchange platform like Astro Africa. Sephora gift cards have high resell value because they are always in high demand. The current rates of Sephora gift cards on Astro Africa are:

  • USA Sephora physical 50- NGN304.20/$
  • USA Sephora physical 100 to 200- NGN374.40/$
  • USA Sephora physical 300-500- NGN374.40/$
  • USA Sephora ecode 50- NGN280.80/$
  • USA Sephora ecode 100 and 200- NGN351.00/$
  • USA Sephora ecode 300- 500- NGN362.70/$

eBay gift cards

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eBay gift cards can be used to purchase items from eBay physical stores or online stores. eBay is a very popular retail brand. Hence, eBay gift cards always have high resale value. On Astro Africa, eBay gift cards are sold at the best rates, and you can calculate the rates using the Astro Africa rates calculator. The current rates of eBay gift cards are listed below.

  • USA ebay physical 100-200- NGN362.70/$
  • USA ebay physical 25, 50, 75- NGN304.20/$
  • USA ebay ecode 100-200- NGN327.60/$
  • USA ebay ecode 25, 50, 75- NGN280.80/$

You will make profits if you decide to trade your gift cards on Astro Africa. With Astro Africa, you become unstoppable because the platform sells gift cards at the best rates and pays instantly. What are you waiting for? Hurry now to the Astro Africa website, create an account, and start trading immediately. Trust me, plenty of robust bonus and sweet rates awaits you. Which gift card has the highest resale

Which gift card has the highest resale