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The best places to buy cryptocurrency with a gift card

The best places to buy cryptocurrency with a gift card

buy cryptocurrency with a gift card: Are you a gift card trader and have been looking for an exchange platform to sell your gift cards for cryptocurrency? Are you confounded with the numerous gift card exchange platform you have seen online? The answer to these questions is contained in this article. This article will teach you about the four best places to buy crypto with a gift card.

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Can I buy crypto with a gift card?

Since time immemorial, assets have been converted to other times. Conversions like Fiat currencies for houses, Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies for Bitcoin and vice versa are trendy. On the other hand, the transformation of gift cards to crypto is relatively new, so you must be careful in deciding on the platform to execute the transaction.

Every gift card trader always looks out for the quality of exchange platforms before use. If you don’t look out for quality, getting scammed or ripped would be very easy. You must look out for specific attributes and features, which are discussed below.

  • Transparency

Buying Bitcoins with gift cards is a relatively new technology, and not everyone is conversant. That is why choosing a transparent Bitcoin gift card exchange platform is essential. Choose a very open platform about its fees because some platforms charge hidden charges without consent. Also, ensure that the government is aware of their dealings through registration. 

  • Security

Choose a gift card exchange platform with a strong defence against hacks, divulging, and embezzlement of digital assets by unauthorized third parties. That way, you will be sure that your assets are safe.

  • Popularity

Choose an exchange platform that is popular and has an active social media presence. Inactive social media presence is a huge red flag and enough grounds not to use such a platform. You can also check the reviews of other traders on review platforms like Trust Pilot.

  • User-friendly interface 

It is essential to choose an exchange platform that is easy to use. When a platform is intuitive, it makes it easier to navigate. A good gift card exchange platform provides essential information to guide you when starting to trade gift cards for bitcoins.

  • Best rates

A good exchange platform must have your best interests at heart by helping you maximize your profits by selling gift cards at the best rates.

  • Instant payment and support

A good exchange platform doesn’t delay your payment. And in cases of delay, their customer service is always within reach to help you sort it out.

In Nigeria, there are four outstanding platforms that have these features available in their apps and websites. These platforms are discussed below.

buy cryptocurrency with a gift card

Astro Africa 

Astro Africa is the first on our list because it is the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria. Astro Africa allows you to sell gift cards at the best rates and get paid instantly without delay. The platform is customer-oriented and has the most responsive customer service team. It supports four different payment options namely naira, cedis, Bitcoin, and USDT.

Astro Africa also has an Affiliate platform called Dart Africa, on which you can convert your cryptocurrency to cash.


Presmit is another good exchange platform. It offers one of the best gift card rates, with less than five minutes of transaction, and instant automated payments. Beginners will love this app because it is easy to use with a simple user interface. Presmit is equally secured and has a responsive customer service team.


Paxful is one of the oldest gift card exchange platform in Nigeria. Paxful is a peer to peer marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to meet online and sell their assets. Because of the p2p feature, there have several reports of scams on the platform and Paxful responded by reinforcing the platform with robust security technology. On Paxful, gift cards can only be exchanged for Bitcoin and not cash. So, in a way it is limited.


Coincola is another p2p exchange platform but it is not as sophisticated as Paxful. It is Hong Kong-based and supports peer to peer trading of gift cards with cryptocurrency. On Coincola platform is a section where you can purchase and sell bitcoin with cards and e-codes for numerous retailers and other platforms including Apple Store, Netflix, and Spotify.

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