How to withdraw funds from the Amex gift card to your bank account

How to withdraw funds from Amex gift card to your bank account

withdraw funds from Amex gift card: It is true that gift cards are a perfect way to gift our loved ones on special days and even on days that are not so special. Gift cards give the recipient the opportunity to make decisions and buy whatever they like. One thing that is also true is that we are not always given gift cards that we want and this has caused many gift cards to remain unused. 

Imagine being a game-savvy person and receiving closed-loop Sephora gift cards, you will definitely have no use for it because you’re not into cosmetics and fashion accessories. Even with open loop gift cards like Amex gift cards, there are people have never found a use it and that is why most Amex gift card holders have often wondered if the money can be transferred into their bank account. 

withdraw funds from Amex gift card

The answer to the question is yes! Yes, you can transfer the money on your Amex gift card to your bank account. But no, it is through an ATM. What you need for the transfer process to be successful is an exchange platform. In this article, you will learn all about Amex gift card and how to convert it to cash on the best exchange platform.

What is Amex gift card?

As mentioned earlier, Amex gift card is a open-loop gift card that can be used to purchase anything depending on where you want to use it. You can use your Amex gift cards at gas stations, restaurants, and retail outlets.

How to check Amex gift card balance

To check the balance, simply just call the number on the back part of the gift card or visit the official American Express Gift Card website. Just enter gift card information and PIN. To check the balance online, go to the Balance Check Page, then enter the card number. Prove that you are not a robot, then continue. For further queries, get help from a representative by calling a toll-free number 888-846-4308.

How to convert Amex gift card to cash in Nigeria 

withdraw funds from Amex gift card

To convert Amex gift card to cash, you need an exchange platform like Astro Africa. If you want to make profits from your trade, Astro Africa is your best bet because it allows to sell gift cards at the best rate and get paid instantly. Astro Africa sells gift cards at over 90% of their face value. For gift cards like American Express that have high resale value because of their popularity and high deman, you can be sure to expect 92% of their face value on Astro Africa. 

Security and customer service are another Features of Astro Africa that makes it standout. The platform has robust security in place to ensure that unauthorized third parties never has access to your assets.  Their customer service team is super responsive with a penchant for always proffering solutions whenever they are called for help.

What’s more, apart from selling gift cards for naira on Astro Africa, you can also convert gift cards to cedis, Bitcoin, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies. You will thoroughly enjoy trading your gift cards on Astro Africa because the platform is simple as you will find out for yourself when you follow the steps below to sell gift cards.

  • Become a registered user on Astro Africa: To become a registered user, you must. Create an account by visiting the Astro Africa website. All you have to is fill in the required details and click sign up to become an instant member of Astro Africa.
  • Add a local bank account: After creating an account, you will be presented with your personalized dashboard on which you will have access to all the amazing features of Astro Africa. Adding a local bank account gives you the leverage of receiving your funds early after every transaction. To do so, click on add account/momo on your dashboard and fill in the necessary valid details. 
  • Sell your Amex gift card: By clicking sell gift cards, you can sell your Amex gift cards and a variety of other gift cards. 
  • Input your Steam gift card details, upload a clear photo of your gift card and add an optional note.
  • Confirm transactions: After filling in the right details of your Steam gift card on the Astro Africa website, click on the submit button at the bottom of your screen. Astro Africa will check the authenticity of your transaction, approve it, and pay your funds into the bank account you added in the second step. 

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