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How to sell gift card codes online

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How to sell gift card codes online

sell gift card codes online: Gift cards are prepaid debit cards that can be used as an alternative method of payment to purchase different items and services. They are mostly issued by businesses for promotional campaigns but they can also be used in retail stores, restaurants, gas stations, and any other places where they are accepted. 

Gift cards exist in two forms, namely; physical and digital gift cards. Digital gift cards are also called ecode gift cards or egift cards. Both gift cards are a very convenient means of payment but digital gift cards are more convenient than the conventional “plastic” physical gift cards. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about digital gift cards including how to sell them online.

What are digital gift cards?

Digital gift cards are virtual gift cards and they only exist as codes, so you can also call them gift card codes. When you order gift card codes, they get delivered via your email or text. Physical gift cards get delivered via your mailbox. 

Retail stores, banks, or restaurants issues out these codes and they are redeemed at these outlets or any place that accepts them. They are used to purchase items and/or services. You can also add these gift card codes as your payment option for online purchases that way, you don’t have to add your debit or credit information. Physically, it is also easy to make purchases with your gift card codes by just presenting the codes at the stores.

Where to sell electronic gift cards for instant payment

In Nigeria, you can sell your gift card codes online and get paid instantly on exchange platforms. There are several exchange platforms but not all of them can satisfy your trading needs. Some of these platforms are not legit and were created to rip off innocent traders such as yourself of their assets. 

The best way to avoid getting scammed online is to find a legit and reliable exchange platform through thorough research. In a bid to help you with your search, we screen some exchange platforms and found Astro Africa to be the best site to trade gift cards online in Nigeria.

The interesting thing about Astro Africa is that the platform is available for gift card traders in Ghana since the Ghanaian cedis is one of its many payment options. Crypto savvy gift card traders will also find Astro Africa worthy of their exchanges because they can now exchange gift cards for bitcoin. Astro Africa is home to several amazing features that come together to give you the best trading experience. 

How to buy bitcoin with e gift cards

On Astro Africa, you can conveniently buy bitcoin with your digital gift cards by following the steps below.

Create an account

sell gift card codes online
  • Visit the Astro Africa website.
  • Click on trade now.
  • Click on sign up. 
  • Fill in the registration form with your full name and username.
  • Input your valid email address. 
  • Input a password.
  • Input the password again for confirmation. 
  • If you were referred, ask the referee to send you their referral code so that Astro Africa can reward them.
  • Click on create account to confirm your registration.

2. Add a bitcoin wallet 

  1. Log into your account on the Astro Africa website.
  2. Click on add account/MoMo.
  3. Select bitcoin wallet as the type of account you want to add. 
  4. Enter the BTC wallet address. 
  5. Click on save, and your BTC wallet becomes linked to your Astro Africa account. It is essential to enter a valid and active BTC wallet to avoid payment delays.

3. Buy bitcoin with digital gift cards

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  1. Log into your account with the email and password you used in creating the account. 
  2. Click on sell gift cards, and a list of gift cards will be displayed.
  3. Select the Apple store gift card as the gift card you want to sell.
  4. Select wallet to credit (Which is a bitcoin wallet at this point).
  5. Select the gift card category. 
  6. Input the amount of the gift card.
  7. Upload an image of the card and a note (optional).
  8. Click on submit on the upper part of your screen. Your BTC wallet will be credited immediately.

After selling gift cards for bitcoin on Astro Africa, you can go ahead to exchange the bitcoin for cash on Dart Africa. Dart Africa is an Affiliate platform of Astro Africa, so seamless transactions are a given.