How to Earn Extra Cash Selling Gift Cards in Ghana

How to Earn Extra Cash Selling Gift Cards in Ghana

Selling Gift Cards in Ghana: In western countries, gift cards are prepaid debit cards preloaded with a limited amount of funds, which can be used to purchase goods and services where they are accepted. This is not the case in Ghana as there are very few stores that accept gift cards and even the stores that do are usually not within walkable distance for most gift card holders. 

If you are a gift card holder in Ghana and you’ve been looking for a way to spend all your gift cards then this article is for you. Most Ghanaians are given gift cards by their relatives abroad during the festive period or as birthday presents. Knowing what to do with the gift cards is a thought that have plagued the minds of several Ghanaians. Well, Astro Africa, a unique gift card exchange platform, brings great news to Ghanaians.

On Astro Africa, you can sell gift cards for cash and get paid instantly. The money realized from the gift card sales can then be used to buy anything you want. It is true that there are other exchange platforms like Astro Africa but if you want to make robust gains, this platform is your best bet. 

How to sell gift cards on Astro Africa

Selling Gift Cards in Ghana

The reason Astro Africa is the best is because it provides its users with options and has several amazing features. Some of the features of Astro Africa are listed below

  • Astro Africa is reliable and efficient.
  • It sells gift cards at the best rates and pays instantly.
  • It has a user friendly website and mobile app on Google play that can be easily navigated by anyone.
  • It supports a wide array of gift cards. 
  • The platform allows its users to earn without trading through referral bonuses.
  • Its security system and customer service are top notch.

On Astro Africa, you can either decide to trade gift cards for cash in Naira or Cedis or for cryptocurrencies. However, If you want to make extra cash, it is better that you sell gift cards for crypto. Crypto is one of the most profitable investment vehicles. Making the transition into the crypto industry with your gift cards is not a bad idea and Astro Africa gives you that opportunity. 

Before you sell your gift cards for crypto on Astro Africa, make sure that you activate it and check the balance. Activation is like registering your gift card code and it can be done on the official website of the company that issued it out. Checking the gift card balance is also vital as the value of the gift card you received might be less than the value written on it.

  • Visit the Astro Africa platform website or download the app from Google Playstore to create an account if you’re a new user.
  • Log into your account with your email address and password after creating an account.
  • Add a local bank account or Bitcoin wallet to your Astro Africa wallet by clicking on add account/momo. This step is very important because it would determine the speed of your payment. 
  • Tap on sell gift cards to start selling gift cards.
  • Choose the type of gift card you want to sell.
  • Choose the wallet you want your funds to be paid into. It could be a Nigerian, Ghanaian, or bitcoin wallet.
  • Choose the subcategory of the gift card you have.
  • Enter the amount of the gift card in dollars and the naira or cedis equivalent will pop up immediately.
  • The next prompt requires you to take a picture of the back of your gift card containing your gift card code. That is why you must give Astro Africa access to your phone’s picture gallery after creating an account. Upload a clear picture of the gift card code if it’s a physical gift card and screenshot the email containing the gift card code if it’s an ecode gift card.
  • Click on submit. By clicking submit, you agree to Astro Africa’s terms of trade, and your account will be credited immediately. In case there’s any delay in payment, call the Astro Africa customer service and they will have it sorted out.

List of gift cards sold on Astro Africa

Amazon, Amex Gold, eBay, Google Play, iTunes, Nike, Nordstrom, One Vanilla, Sephora, Steam, Visa, Walmart and Sam’s club, and Apple Store gift cards.

Bonus tips: Astro Africa has an Affiliate platform called Dart Africa on which you trade your Bitcoin for cash at the best rates and get paid instantly. 

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