Best Place To Sell Xbox Gift Cards for Bitcoin In Nigeria

Best Place To Sell Xbox Gift Cards for Bitcoin In Nigeria

Gift Cards for Bitcoin In Nigeria: There wasn’t a lot of bitcoin or gift card trading going on here in Nigeria. Saving money in local banks used to be Nigerians’ only source of income, but that is no longer the case. It was difficult for Nigerians to accept bitcoin trading when it was initially introduced since the technology’s concept was so foreign and abstract. Trading in cryptocurrency and gift cards became lucrative after a few Nigerians made a little money on the side.

Cryptocurrency and gift card trading has become a life-changing experience for Nigerians, especially young people. They have been freed from the chains of little or no profits with Nigerian banks by trading bitcoin and gift cards. It demonstrated to Nigerians that if the trade was done correctly and on the right exchange platform, they could make 100% profit.

As of now, Nigeria’s bitcoin and gift card market is booming, and the business is just going to get bigger and better. Selling cryptocurrency and gift cards in Nigeria has become the new norm thanks to the recent media attention the industry has received. One of such gift cards is the Xbox.

What is an Xbox gift card?

Gift Cards for Bitcoin In Nigeria

The Xbox gift card gives you the option to purchase Microsoft products of your choice. It can be used to buy movies, games, accessories, and hardware from the Microsoft shop. Using Xbox gift cards to make large purchases nets you a discount.

Microsoft products and services can also be pre-ordered with Xbox gift cards. It is possible to get Xbox gift cards from internet retailers. The prepaid physical card can be purchased in person at a retail location. Xbox gift cards may now be used to acquire Bitcoins, which is the new standard in Nigeria and around the world thanks to the rise of bitcoin and gift cards.

When it comes to this “new standard,” if you haven’t participated in it, or if you’ve done so, but were almost duped, and are now afraid? This article is for you.

Astro Africa is widely regarded as the most secure gift card exchange site thanks to its usage of advanced security measures. Trade your gift cards with the confidence that they will be safe and secure on Astro Africa. The worry of selling gift cards in Nigeria has been overcome by Astro Africa.

In addition to safety, Astro Africa offers competitive pricing and immediate payment. Trading gift cards with Astro Africa is quick and easy, and you’ll receive your money immediately. There is always a sense of suspicion when a payment is not made on time. In order to make sure that you are paid as soon as your transaction is approved, the people at Astro Africa go above and above every time. It’s easy to contact Astro Africa’s customer care representatives for help with a gift card for bitcoin if you run into any issues during the transaction.

Astro Africa’s user interface is straightforward and does not necessitate the assistance of a third-party intermediary. For Android users, Astro Africa can be downloaded via the Google PlayStore or the web. Also, the current gift card rates can be calculated using Astro Africa’s exclusive gift card rates calculator.

How to exchange your Xbox gift card for bitcoin on Astro Africa

On the Astro platform, exchanging your gift card for Bitcoin is a breeze because the site is so user-friendly. There are several steps in converting gift cards into Bitcoins, and this section discusses them.

Step 1: Sign up for an Astro Africa account.

Gift Cards for Bitcoin In Nigeria

Having an account on Astro Africa is the most crucial step, as it is impossible to do transactions on the platform without one.

  • Go to the Astro Africa website.
  • Click on “trade now” and then click on “sign up”. You will find the registration form on the sign up page; fill in the information required.
  • Click submit once you’ve finished filling out the form.
  • Once you click submit, your Astro Africa account will be created and you will be able to advance to the next step.

Step 2: Sign in to your account.

Using your e-mail and password, you can access your account. You will be taken to your dashboard when you click on “trade now”.

Step 3: Select the option to exchange Bitcoin for gift cards.

Astro Africa’s gift cards can be purchased via the toolbar’s “sell presents for bitcoin” button. Choose the gift card you’d like to exchange it for.

Step 4: Enter the information on the gift card.

  • Fill in the necessary gift card details and the type of wallet before you can finish your transaction. Select the Bitcoin wallet from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the dollar amount of the gift card in the appropriate field under the Gift Card subcategory. Add a remark if you’d like and an image of the gift card. As soon as you press the submit button, your account will be automatically updated.


When it comes to fast and easy transactions, Astro Africa is your best bet. An additional perk is the ability to get money by recommending friends to the platform.

Gift Cards for Bitcoin In Nigeria

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