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How to buy DOGE with a Visa gift card in Nigeria

How to buy DOGE with a Visa gift card in Nigeria

Visa gift card in Nigeria: In order to assist those who are new to the cryptocurrency market, we have included an in-depth description of Dogecoin and instructions on how to purchase it using a Visa gift card.

What is a Dogecoin?

In the beginning, Dogecoin was just a prank. Anyone could exchange digital money at cheap fees and without requiring the permission of anyone else using Bitcoin, the first and most widely used cryptocurrency. It was possible for anyone to imitate Bitcoin because it was open source, and this is exactly what happened, with clones like Litecoin and Peercoin appearing all over the place.

The funny answer to this trend was Dogecoin. It was made by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in December 2013. It’s a copy of Bitcoin (more specifically, Litecoin, which is similar to Bitcoin) and has a Shiba Inu dog on it. It’s almost always talked about in silly ways that involve dogs and the moon.

Dogecoin has a passionate fan base since its inception. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who wanted to poke fun at Bitcoin were drawn in by it. Dog lovers were drawn to the area. Anyone who wasn’t a hard-core crypto enthusiast but yet wanted to be a part of it was drawn to it. Dozens of digital currencies crashed in 2018, but Dogecoin remained strong. Dogecoin is now more popular than it has ever been, in part owing to its low maintenance requirements and because the cryptocurrency market is expected to rebound dramatically in years to come.

Trading with gift cards

How much is a Visa gift card in Naira? Visa gift card in Nigeria

You can’t go wrong with gift cards in this digital age. Gift cards are useful because you can use them to buy anything on Amazon, eBay and other sites. Gift cards can now be exchanged for a wider variety of cryptocurrencies thanks to the enhancements made to their functionality. Yes! You heard that right! Visa gift cards can be converted into Doge coin from the comfort of your home using an exchange platform like Astro Africa.

Why you should sell your gift cards on Astro Africa?

  • We offer the best rates for trading your gift cards. 
  • We have a seamless and easy payment system.
  • Our trading platform is safe and secure. 
  • We offer rates in Naira, Ghana Cedis, and the South African Rand. 
  • We offer variety different payment options (you can trade with Naira, Ghana Cedis, United State Dollar, and the South African Rand. 
  • We have stand-by support representatives to attend to you complaints.
  • We offer bonus on referrals.

How to buy Doge coin with visa gift card in Nigeria on Astro Africa

Because the Astro platform is so user-friendly, trading your gift card for Doge coin is a breeze. This section explains the stages involved in trading your visa gift cards to Doge coins.


  • Visit the website. The website has been designed to be easily navigated and mobile responsive.
Acquire Bitcoin with a Gift Card
  • Click “trade now” and then “sign up” to get started. On the sign-up page, you’ll find a registration form; fill it out with the necessary information.
  • Once you’ve completed the form, click submit.
  • Astro Africa will create your account and you can move on to the next stage after clicking submit.

STEP TWO: Sign into your account

  • You can log in to your account by entering your email address and password. Click “trade now,” to access your dashboard.

STEP THREE: Select the option to exchange gift cards for Doge coin.

  • Astro Africa’s gift cards can be purchased via the toolbar’s “sell gift card for Doge coin” button. Choose the gift card you’d like to exchange it for.

STEP FOUR: Enter the gift card’s information.

  • Ensure that you’ve entered the correct gift card information and the type of wallet before proceeding. In the Drop-down menu: Select desired wallet.
  • If you have a gift card, enter the dollar amount in the Gift Card section. If you’d like, include a note and an image of the gift card in your message. Click the submit button. Your account will be credited as soon as your gift card has been verified.


When it comes to fast and easy transactions, Astro Africa is your best bet. An additional perk is the ability to get money by recommending friends to the platform             

Visa gift card in Nigeria

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