How To Instantly Buy Bitcoin With Your Vanilla Gift Cards

How To Instantly Buy Bitcoin With Your Vanilla Gift Cards

Bitcoin With Your Vanilla Gift Cards: The world’s first cryptocurrency’s success is no longer breaking news. What’s news is the fact that there are people who haven’t caught the BTC bug yet. Your future financial stability may be harmed if you don’t have Bitcoins stored in a decentralized digital environment.

Unsure of the best way to invest in the new gold? Do you have an available Vanilla gift card or Vanilla gift card? Do you realize that you may buy Bitcoins using those gift cards as your entry point? It is true that you may purchase Bitcoins with your Vanilla gift card, and we will explain how in this article. You may be wondering what exactly a Vanilla gift card is. Let’s assist you in quelling your curiosity.

What is a vanilla gift card?

Bitcoin With Your Vanilla Gift Cards

A Vanilla gift card is a prepaid gift certificate with the Visa brand that may be used to pay for goods and services. They are issued by and have a pre-paid value of only $10 to $500.

How to Purchase Vanilla Gift Cards

Vanilla gift cards are available both online and offline. They are available offline at places like Walmart, Dollar General, and others. The only website where you may purchase Vanilla e-Gift cards is Online Vanilla gift cards are known as Vanilla eGift cards. There isn’t a physical card involved; instead, you’ll receive a gift card number via email after making a transaction. It’s crucial to be aware of how much money is still on your card before exchanging it for bitcoin.

A Vanilla gift card can be sold on a platform that buys gift cards and accepts Bitcoins instead of the usual exchange platform through which one would typically purchase any cryptocurrency.

Why you should trade with Astro Africa

It can be difficult to find a site where you can sell your gift cards. Even though there are many trading platforms, only a select few go above and beyond to guarantee they provide top-notch services, particularly at competitive prices. However, you can be sure of a flawless trading service with an exchange platform like Astro Africa.

Trading on a platform like Astro Africa, a gift card trading platform that guarantees top-notch service is provided at the most competitive prices, has many advantages.

Astro Africa is distinctive for a number of reasons. A few of these include a focus on building an inclusive platform for financial transactions for Africans and providing the greatest trading rates and customer service.

First off, Astro Africa provides great rates for trading gift cards in Ghana and Nigeria. It can be challenging to sell your gift cards for a reasonable price; most purchasers only offer 50% of the card’s initial value.

However, Astro Africa recognizes that people go into business to earn a profit, and as a customer-focused organization, they purchase cards from vendors at fair prices. If you are unsure of this, you can check out their rates using the rate calculators on the platform.

The simplicity of use for Astro App is another noteworthy quality. Users of the application can use it without any prior knowledge because it is straightforward. The creators make every step as simple as they can because they understand that users would give up on a procedure if it is overly complicated.

When it comes to financial transactions, a sluggish application cannot be trusted, and Astro Africa is aware of this. The Astro is configured to guarantee that there won’t be any lag or delay when verifying users’ transactions.

Astro Africa integrates the platform with powerful internet firewalls to ensure that user online security is given high attention. To provide continuous security for user data, the platform security system is continuously upgraded.

How to purchase bitcoin on Astro Africa using a vanilla gift card

  1. Visit the website 

There is no registration fee or other cost associated with using the Astro App. The app is available on the Play Store.

  1. Create an account and login using your details
Bitcoin With Your Vanilla Gift Cards

This is a crucial stage in using this platform for trading. Before you are permitted to engage in trading on the site, you must have a registered account. Enter your login information, which consists of your email address and password, when your registration has been approved.

  1. Choose the kind of card you want to exchange.

Different gift cards are offered and purchased on the platform. Finding and selecting the appropriate gift card to swap is crucial.

  1. Submit the card information.
  • After selecting the card, fill out the necessary fields on the card. In the select wallet, click on Bitcoin wallet.
  • Choose the subcategory for gift cards, then type in the dollar amount on the gift card. Upload a picture of the gift card along with a note, if desired. When the card is verified, click submit and wait for confirmation; your account will be immediately credited.


Gift card traders of all experience levels may purchase and sell gift cards with ease using the Astro App. The Astro App is one of the top platforms for selling gift cards thanks to the team at Astro Africa’s concerted efforts.

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