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How to sell your Starbucks gift card for Bitcoin

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How to sell Starbucks gift card for Bitcoin

sell Starbucks gift card for Bitcoin: Cryptocurrencies and gift cards are getting popular, however, these are two separate industries. Most people who trade in gift cards don’t know that it’s easy to move into the crypto market without going through the local currency middleman. Before gift card exchange platforms started letting people trade gift cards for Bitcoin, they had to first convert gift cards to cash on one platform and then convert the cash to Bitcoin on a different platform. Even though this might seem easy, it was a lot of work for gift card traders who want to move into the crypto industry directly. In this light, exchange platforms were made in order for people trade gift cards for Bitcoin without using cash as a middleman.

This is a very exciting change for people with gift cards since cryptocurrency is slowly but steadily getting a good name as a good way to invest. With this new idea of selling gift cards for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, almost everyone can invest in cryptocurrency and make more money.

In this article, we look at the fastest and easiest way to convert Starbucks gift cards to Bitcoin on the best gift card exchange platform in the country.

Everything you need to know about Starbucks gift cards

sell Starbucks gift card for Bitcoin

Starbucks is an American company and the world’s largest chain of coffee shops. Its main office is in Seattle, in the state of Washington. Starbucks gift cards that haven’t been used add up to a whopping $1 billion. During a second-quarter earnings call, interim CEO Howard Schultz told investors that more than 120 million people use the cards.

Millions of people give and get Starbucks gift cards every year. This bring in new customers and make things easier for people who already shop there. The coffee chain has cards for many different events, like birthdays, Mother’s Day, and teacher appreciation. They’ve become a kind of go-to gift for people you might not know very well, and you can get them everywhere, including Amazon, Walmart, and the Starbucks website.

Starbucks said that people spend $3 billion on holiday gift cards in 2021, because they are as common as presents. In 2020, people bought 46 million cards, which added up to $12.6 billion in gift cards for the year.

Starbucks has had a huge amount of success getting people to use Starbucks cards. Schultz said in the earnings call that Starbucks cards by themselves are bigger than the whole gift card business. Customers put money on the cards to pay for orders ahead of time, which in 2021 was worth $11 billion. 

Best place to trade your Starbuck gift cards for Bitcoin

Since this new technology came out, a number of gift card exchange platforms have been made and put into use to help the cause. Scammers have still found a way to dupe people who trade gift cards by disguising as real platforms. This has made most gift card traders even less likely to use this exciting new technology.

No gift card trader worth his or her salt will want to take a chance on getting the most out of their gift cards. That’s why you should trade your Starbucks gift cards on platforms where you can get the best prices and security. Thanks to the launch of Astro Africa and its amazing features, it is now possible to trade gift cards in a safe and easy way. 

You can sell gift cards for Bitcoin instantly and at the best rates on Astro Africa. We found that the exchange rates on Astro Africa are higher than the exchange rates on other platforms. Astro Africa is focused on its customers and always works hard to make sure they have a great trading experience with its quick customer service.

Even if you are new to the gift card industry, you can use the Astro Africa website successfully and confidently navigate it. The Astro Africa website has a simple, easy-to-understand interface that makes it easy to do transactions and get paid right away.

To use these features and make trading gift cards easy, please sign up for the platform and start trading.

As clearly stated above, Astro Africa is a very easy platform to use. Hence, creating an account an account on the platform is easy. 

Step 1: Visit the Astro Africa website.

sell Starbucks gift card for Bitcoin

• Click “trade now” on the webpage, then “sign up.” Enter your first and last names (as well as your username and a valid email address), as well as a password in the registration form that you will find on the sign-up page.

• Click on submit after you’ve finished filling out the form.

• Your Astro Africa account will be created immediately after hitting the submit button.

Step 2:  Log into your account in order to proceed.

• Use your email address and password to log in to your account. You’ll be taken to your dashboard once you click on “trade now.”

Step 3: Get Bitcoin via selling gift cards

• On the toolbar, select the option to sell gift cards, and a list of all Astro Africa-supported gift cards will appear. Select the gift card you want to trade.

Step 4: Fill in your gift card details

• Your gift card and wallet details must be entered before you can proceed with your transaction. Select the Bitcoin wallet in the “select wallet to credit” field.

• Make sure that you select the gift card subcategory, enter the gift card amount in dollars, and then click “Submit.” Upload a high-quality picture of your gift card, along with a brief message if desired. Once the transaction is approved, Astro Africa will credit your wallet within five minutes.