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Best Gift Cards with the Highest Rates in Nigeria

A general question among gift card traders is, “which gift card has the highest exchange rate in Nigeria?” The answer to this question depends on the gift card exchange platform you use and the type of gift card you possess. 

Not all exchange platforms offer good rates, so using those platforms can create a faux idea of what a good exchange rate should be. The second factor is the type of gift card. Not all gift cards have the same rates. Some have higher rates than others because of the high demand for them and the currency in which they were issued.

Gift cards with high demand and supply usually have high rates, unlike those not in demand. However, while demand and supply play a vital role in determining the exchange rates of gift cards, the rates are highly volatile and subject to sporadic changes. 

“How do I avert the volatility of the exchange market?” You may ask. It is quite simple with the help of the Astro Africa rates calculator, which helps you calculate the current rates of your gift cards in real-time. Constant checks of the current rates using the calculator will keep you ahead of your peers in the industry. The feature is available to registered and unregistered users because Astro Africa is dedicated to ensuring that Nigerians exploit the exchange market and get the best out of it.  

Now that you have learned about the factors that affect your gift card rates, we can go ahead to show you the best gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria.

Top 7 gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria

Astro Africa offers the best rates for all the gift cards listed below. 

Steam gift cards

Steam gift card

Steam is a US gaming coming that deals with creating and distributing video games. Video games can also be played on the Steam website. Steam gift cards can be used to purchase games and downloadable from the Steam website.

Gamers do not joke with their appliances, which has continuously increased the demand for Steam cards. Steam cards are issued as either physical or ecode gift cards, and the physical type usually has a higher exchange rate. 

The current exchange rate of Steam cards is 57,600 and 45,360 naira. 

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Amazon gift cards

Amazon is the largest multinational e-commerce, so it’s only normal that its gift card rate is high. These cards never go out of demand because of the wide variety of offers that it offers. On Astro Africa, you can sell your Amazon gift cards at over 90% of the face value when it is exchanged for cash or cryptocurrency. 

Amazon cards are issued as either cash or debit receipt. The cash receipt usually has a higher exchange value than the debit receipt. The current rate of a $100 Amazon card is 44,460 and 38,160 naira for cash and debit receipts, respectively. 

Amex gift cards

download 20

Amex is an acronym for American Express. Amex gift cards, like Amazon cards, are also very high in demand because of their range of use. Also, like Amazon cards, Amex cards are issued as cash or debit receipts.

On Astro Africa, the current exchange rate of a $100 Amex card is 41,040 naira for both cash and debit receipts.

Google Play gift cards

Google issues Google Play gift cards, and it is pre-installed in almost every android phone in the world. With your Google play card, you can purchase games, music, and movies from the Google Playstore. For this reason, Google play cards are always in demand, significantly impacting its exchange rate. 

On Astro Africa, the current exchange rate for a $100 Google play gift card is 40,320 and 33,120 naira for physical and ecode forms, respectively. 

Sephora gift cards

Sephora gift cards can be used to purchase beauty items from Sephora. The beauty industry has been booming this past decade, positively impacting the demand for Sephora gift cards. 

On Astro Africa, the high demand for Sephora cards is evident in the rates. The current rate of a $100 Sephora card is 45,360 and 41,760 naira for physical and ecode forms, respectively. 

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eBay gift cards


eBay gift cards are multipurpose gift cards used to purchase goods in all eBay stores. Their exchange rate is relatively high due to popular demand. On Astro Africa, the exchange rate of a $100 eBay card is 43,200 and 40,320 naira for the physical and ecode forms, respectively.

Apple/iTunes gift card

Apple Inc. issues Apple and iTunes gift cards, but they are used to purchase different types of products. While iTunes card is used to buy Apple software products like games and music, Apple cards are used to purchase Apple hardware products like iPhones and MacBooks.

Apple and iTunes cards are popular and in high demand. Hence, their exchange rates range from 30,000-40,000 naira. 

How to use Astro Africa rates calculator

The Astro Africa rates calculator is relatively easy to use. Follow the steps below.


1. Visit the Astro Africa website.

2. Click on check rates.

3. Input your gift card information as required. 

4. The current rate of your gift card will be displayed on the lower part of your screen.

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