How to Convert Unused Gift Cards to Cedis

Convert Unused Gift Cards to Cedis

Convert Unused Gift Cards to Cedis
Convert Unused Gift Cards to Cedis

Convert Unused Gift Cards to Cedis: Do you have unused gift cards and have been looking for a way to spend them in Ghana? Then you are in the right place because this article was written just for you.

Ghana is one of the most innovative and technologically inclined countries in Africa. In recent years there has been significant and productive work done in the educational sector, tourism sector, and fintech industry. However, one industry that still needs to improve is gift card exchange.

There are so many unused gift cards in Ghana. These gift cards were received as gifts from loved ones abroad, and now they have no use because there are hardly any stores that accept gift cards in Ghana. Well, that story is about to change as Astro Africa has the perfect solution.

Instead of locking up your gift cards in drawers or waiting till you travel to the states to spend them, you can quickly sell them for cash in Ghana on any exchange.  

Converting unused gift cards in Ghana 

Selling gift cards for cedis is a relatively new venture in Ghana, but it is very productive for exchange platforms and traders. While many Ghanaian gift card holders still need to learn about gift card trading, the industry has significantly grown in the past year. Ghanaian traders that have exchanged their gift cards for cash can testify to the fact that gift card trading is a profitable venture.

However, to profit from trading your gift cards, you must find an exchange platform that aligns with your trading needs. Your trading needs should revolve around sweet rates, instant payments, responsive customer service, an intuitive website, and multiple payment options.

While there are a lot of exchange platforms that have 2-3 of these features, there are only a few that embody all. One of the very few exchange platforms that is a master of all trades is Astro Africa.

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Why Astro Africa 

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Convert Unused Gift Cards to Cedis

If you are here, you’re either a new gift card trader looking for an exchange platform or a veteran trader looking for a change. Astro Africa is the exchange platform for you regardless of the category you fall into. Astro Africa is highly recommended as a new trader because it has the tools required to absolve you into the gift card industry. The tools are embedded in the features listed below.

High exchange rates

Even though gift cards have unstable rates, Astro Africa still manages to sell gift cards at the best rates. Some gift cards have higher rates than others because different retailers issue them, and some are in higher demand than others.

Instant payments

Immediately after you complete your transaction, the account you added will be credited immediately.

Rates calculator 

The exchange rates of gift cards are constantly changing because of the instability of the exchange market. This means that if a $100 Steam gift card is 6 cedis today, and it might be higher or less the next day. The Astro Africa rates calculator helps keep you informed on the volatile changes.


Security is the cornerstone of every exchange platform. Without a fortified security network, unauthorized third parties will not easily access and steal your assets. For this reason, Astro Africa accessed all the risks and employed one of the best security technology. This way, your assets, and personal data are always safe.

Multiple payment options

Apart from exchanging your gift cards for Ghanaian cedes, you can also sell them for cryptocurrency.

Referral bonuses

Another way Astro Africa ensures its customers makes a profit is through referral bonuses. Astro Africa will pay you for every trader you refer to as long as the trader completes at least one trade on the platform. So, if you want to earn without lifting a finger, refer a friend to Astro Africa.

How to sell unused gift cards on Astro Africa

As mentioned earlier, the Astro Africa website is intuitive and easy to use. So, selling gift cards on the platform is seamless. Follow the steps below to sell gift cards for cash on Astro Africa.

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  1. Create an account on Astro Africa using your valid email and Ghanaian phone numbers.
  2. After creating an account, you will be automatically redirected to your user dashboard. You will find your user name on the left top corner above a list of website activities.
  3. As a registered user, you are entitled to an Astro Africa wallet. However, you will still need to add a local bank account to make withdrawals easy.
  4. Click on the box that reads “add account/MoMo to add your preferred bank account.
  5. Click on the box that reads “sell gift cards” to start selling your gift cards for cedes.
  6. Select the gift card you want to sell, and a form will pop up that contains the information you need to fill out before selling your card.
  7. After filling out the form with the card type, value, and a clear photo, click on submit.
  8. Astro Africa will verify your transaction to ensure that it is legit. After confirmation, your account will be credited without delay.