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How to make instant cash from trading gift cards

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Did you know that you become an instant millionaire by trading gift cards for cash? The answer is a big yes! Keep reading this article to find out how and where you can sell gift cards and get paid instantly.

In western countries, gift cards are prepaid or preloaded debit cards issued by retail companies to their customers to serve as an alternative means of payment. This means that gift cards can be presented for payment instead of presenting cash at the store. Gift cards are like ATM cards but with more restrictions. However, it is a different ball game in Africa.

Every year there is an influx of gift cards into Africa, especially during the festive period. These gift cards are left unused, and some even expire. To solve the issue of unused gift cards, gift card exchange platforms were created. 

The advent of gift card exchange platforms in Africa, especially Nigeria and Ghana, has been a gift that has kept giving. On these platforms, gift cards are exchanged for cash or cryptocurrencies. There are several exchange platforms available that you can choose from depending on your trading needs. However, finding an exchange platform that is reliable and capable of protecting your assets is essential. 

Features of gift cards exchange platforms 

There are a lot of features to look out for in trading platforms, but four essential features must be present. If you visit a platform lacking any of these features, we advise you to refrain from trading on such platforms. The four essential features of a good exchange platform are discussed below.

Easy to use 

In searching for trading platforms, beware of any platform with a complex user interface. Platforms that are difficult to use have been implicated as scam sites over the years. Hence, search for a platform that you can navigate with ease. 

Sweet exchange rates 

Sweet exchange rates are one of the fundamental building blocks of a good exchange platform. It is true that exchange rates are volatile, but it is also true that some platforms hoard the rates to make more profits for themselves. Choose a platform that prioritizes your needs. It might be hard to find one, but they are out there. A good exchange platform will always find a middle ground for customers to be happy. 

Instant payment 

Hear ye! Any exchange platform that delays your payment does not care about you. Many thoughts run through traders’ minds when payments are delayed. Platforms that care try as much as possible to make instant payments after every transaction is approved. 


A sound security system protects your assets from theft by unauthorized third parties. Choose a platform that intentionally protects its customers’ assets and personal information.

Responsive customer service

Who doesn’t love responsive customer service? You need a platform with a good customer service team that continuously responds to your queries and offers solutions.

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The exchange platform you can trust for trading gift cards

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An exchange platform you can trust is Astro Africa. Astro Africa is the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria and Ghana. The platform is versatile as it allows you to trade gift cards for Ghanaian cedes, Nigerian naira, or cryptocurrencies. 

You can find all the features discussed above on Astro Africa and even more. The platform is home to unique features like the rates calculator and referral bonuses to give you a well-rounded trading experience. 

Astro Africa is easy to use with its intuitive and straightforward user interface. You become entitled to all promos and giveaways as you trade on the platform. After every trade, as long as the transaction is successful, you will get paid immediately. If there is any delay, you can instantly reach out to Astro Africa, and the issue will be resolved swiftly. 

Astro Africa also sells gift cards at the best rates to help maximize your profits. The rates available on the platform are usually above 80% of the gift card’s face value.

How to get started on Astro Africa

Before you can trade gift cards for cash on Astro Africa, you must create an account on the platform. 

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  • Visit the Astro Africa website or download the mobile app.
  • Click on trade now.
  • Click on sign up. 
  • Fill in the registration form with your full name and username.
  • Enter your valid email address. 
  • Enter a password.
  • Enter the password again for confirmation. 
  • If you were referred, ask the referee to send you their referral code so that Astro Africa can reward them.
  • Click on “sign up” to confirm your registration. After registration, you can go ahead to trade gift cards for cash and get paid instantly on Astro Africa.

All the gift cards available on Astro Africa are;


Amex gold


Google Play 




One vanilla 




Walmart and sams club 

Apple Store

Razer gold

and Target gift cards.

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