Stay updated: Calculate current gift card rates with the Astro Africa rates calculator 

Calculate current gift card rates
Calculate current gift card rates

Calculate current gift card rates

Calculate current gift card rates: For over ten years in Africa, the gift card industry has witnessed astronomical growth. Selling gift cards for cash began when Africans realized they could not spend the gift cards they received as gifts from their loved ones abroad. Gift cards went to waste year after year until well-meaning Africans took the initiative and started selling gift cards for cash. The industry grew from trading gift cards for money, and gift cards were soon being sold for cryptocurrency. 

Nowadays, you cannot walk down a street without finding at least one exchange platform advertisement. This is a testament to how it has also become an alternative source of income for many. 

While converting your gift cards to cash might be glamorous, the issue of knowing the current rates of gift cards still lingers. The rates of gift cards are never constant because the exchange is volatile. You might try selling gift cards today at a high rate, and by tomorrow the rate is already down. How do traders resolve this conflict? Traders must have information about the changing rates because knowing the rates of your gift cards gives you the added advantage of knowing the best time to exchange your gift cards. 

In this vein, Astro Africa, Africa’s best trading platform, took the initiative and embedded an automated rates calculator in its platform. In this article, you will learn how to use the calculator and trade on the platform after using the calculator. 

What is Astro Africa rates calculator?

Calculate current gift card rates

Astro Africa already prides itself on being the best exchange platform in Africa. If you ask our customers, they’ll testify to our undying dedication to ensure that African traders enjoy seamless trades and good rates. It is for this reason that the rates calculator was added. 

The rates calculator is a unique feature that allows traders to calculate the current rates of their gift cards before selling for the added advantage, as mentioned earlier. The amazing thing about this feature on Astro Africa is that you don’t need to sign up. All you need to do is visit the website, and you can calculate the rates without stress. Again, we make things too easy. 

One thing you must note in using the calculator is that the rates are influenced by the exchange market and not Astro Africa. Several factors affect your gift card rates, which is why it is unstable. Some of these factors are;

The demand and supply of your gift card: If the gift card you own has a high supply and low demand, the rates will be below. However, the rates will increase if the gift card has a high demand with low/high supply. 

The currency: Check the currency in which your gift cards were issued. If your gift cards were sent from Canada, they are Canadian gift cards. Hence, the rates of the gift cards will be calculated with respect to the Canadian currency. This applies to every other country. Euro gift cards usually have higher rates than Dollar and Canadian gift cards. This is also a helpful tip when you’re buying a gift card.

The form of the gift card: Gift cards usually come in diverse forms, but the most popular are the physical and digital forms. Physical gift cards are usually sent to your mailbox, while digital is sent to your email. Physical gift cards usually have higher exchange rates than digital gift cards. The reason is unknown to what influences it, but physical gift cards usually have higher rates. Other times, both physical and digital gift cards would have the same rates. 

These are the main factors affecting your gift cards, and Astro Africa is always looking for a way to ensure you get the best rates no matter what!

To calculate the rates of your gift cards, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the Astro Africa website.
  2. Click on check rates.
  3. Select currency which is Nigeria naira in this case. 
  4. Select the gift card.
  5. Select the gift card category.
  6. Enter the value of your gift card in dollars.
  7. Since the calculator is automated, your gift card rate will be automatically displayed. 

When you use the calculator, you’ll find these rates for some of our gift cards in this table.

Gift cardsRates in NairaRates in Cedis 
Amex gold4325.40
Google play403.205.40
Nordstrom 453.605.67
Apple Store345.604.32

How to sell gift cards on Astro Africa

After calculating your gift card rates, you can proceed to become a registered user and sell your gift cards in four easy steps.

  1. Visit the Astro Africa website or download the app.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Go to your dashboard and add a local bank account or crypto wallet.
  4. Sell your gift card by clicking on sell gift cards.
  5. Astro Africa never delays payment, so you’ll get paid immediately your transaction is verified. Again, too easy!