How to change Euro iTunes gift cards to Bitcoin in Ghana

Euro iTunes gift cards to Bitcoin

Euro iTunes gift cards to Bitcoin
Euro iTunes gift cards to Bitcoin

Euro iTunes gift cards to Bitcoin: Euro iTunes gift cards are simply iTunes gift cards issued in Europe. These gift cards can be redeemed online via iTunes or the App Store. In Europe, you can purchase music, apps, movies, and other Apple software from the iTunes store with a Euro iTunes gift card. However, before using it for purchase, you must redeem the gift card and check the balance to be sure that it tallies with your purchase.

Euro iTunes gift cards to Bitcoin

Like the other subcategories, Euro iTunes gift cards expire after five years. It is not reloadable after it expires, and inactivity fees will be deducted after a year if the card is unused. This is why Astro Africa exists.

Instead of keeping your Euro iTunes until it expires and your money is wasted, exchange them for Bitcoin on Astro Africa. When you exchange iTunes gift cards for Bitcoin, you’re using one stone to kill two birds. The first bird is your easy navigation into the crypto market, while the next is earning more profits. For each, you are lucky, and Astro Africa will ensure your transition is easy.

Another noteworthy fact about Euro iTunes gift cards is that they are high-rate gift cards than the Dollar types. There are two types, namely the physical and digital Euro iTunes gift cards; Astro Africa supports both.

How to convert Euro iTunes gift cards to Bitcoin in Ghana

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Knowing that you can exchange your iTunes gift cards for not only Ghanaian cedis but also Bitcoin is one of the most exciting news you will hear today. Astro Africa is the most outstanding gift card exchange platform in Ghana, and it allows you to sell Euro iTunes gift cards for Bitcoin at the best rates.

Astro Africa is loved by many gift card traders in Ghana because the platform is easy to navigate, and the rates are sweet. The platform sells various gift cards, including Visa, Walmart and Sams club, Apple Store, Razer Gold, Target, Amazon, Amex Gold, eBay, Google Play, iTunes, Nordstrom, One Vanilla, Sephora, and Steam gift cards.

The platform is well-secured with the best security technology making its firewalls impenetrable to unauthorized third parties. You will also enjoy referral bonuses, swift customer service, and seamless trades. 

Astro Africa is perfect for beginners and veteran gift card traders. It has a Knowledge-based blog with content that can help traders all over Nigeria and Ghana to navigate the gift card industry and the Astro Africa platform. Because the platform is easy to use, you don’t need to be Tech Savvy to use it. You can sell gift cards for crypto (Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, and BNB), naira, and cedis.

Astro Africa is available on the web and for download on the Google Playstore or Apple Store. Whichever platform you choose from the platforms listed in this article is perfect for your trading. If you want to trade gift cards at the best rates, Use Astro Africa.

To trade Euro iTunes gift cards for Bitcoin, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Astro Africa website or download the mobile app.
  • Click on Trade now.
  • Input your first and last name.
  • Input your username and valid email address.
  • Input your password.
  • Input the referral code of whoever referred you so that they can be rewarded.
  • Click sign up, and Astro Africa will verify your details. You have now become a registered user on Astro Africa.  
  • You will be immediately taken to your dashboard.
  • Click add account/momo to add a crypto wallet. As long as you complete this step, you will get paid immediately.
  • Click on Trade gift cards, and all the gift cards supported by Astro Africa will be displayed.
  • Select the currency.
  • Select the gift card of your choice.
  • Input all details about your gift cards, including type and subcategories.
  • Input the value of your gift card.
  • Upload a picture of your gift card, if it’s a physical gift card, or screenshot the code and upload the image. Ensure the pictures uploaded are clear enough to verify your transaction quickly.
  • Click on submit.
  • Your transaction will be verified, and you’ll get paid immediately.

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How to calculate the current rates of iTunes gift cards

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The rates of iTunes gift cards are always changing. It makes it quite difficult for most traders to know the best time to sell gift cards at the highest rates. With the Astro Africa rates calculator, you can always stay up to date with the current rates. To calculate the current rates of your gift cards, use the Astro Africa rates calculator by following the steps below.

  • Visit the Astro Africa website.
  • Click on check rates.
  • Select currency.
  • Select gift card and subcategory.
  • Input the amount of gift card in dollars and the equivalent value in naira or cedis will be displayed.