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How to convert eBay gift cards to USDT

If you’ve been wondering if you can convert eBay gift to USDT, you have come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about eBay gift cards, USDT, and how to sell one for the other. 

What are eBay gift cards?

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eBay gift cards are one of the most popular gift cards. It is distributed by one of the world’s largest retail companies, eBay. With your eBay gift cards, you can purchase items on eBay online or in physical stores. The card value ranges from $10-$500, and it does not expire. Although inactivity fees may be deducted, the value of your eBay gift card never drops.

What is USDT?

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USDT is also called Tether. It is a cryptocurrency, but not in the same way that Bitcoin and Dogecoin are cryptocurrencies. This is because USDT is under a sub-category of a cryptocurrency called Stablecoins. USDT was designed in such a way that it would always have a stable price point. On the other hand, Bitcoin always has a volatile exchange rate and is always affected by the exchange market conditions. 

The USDT was created by Tether limited to function as a currency of the internet with respect to the US dollar. USDT tokens are worth 1.0 USD and are backed by 1.0 USD in physical currencies or reserves. USDT is one of the most diversified cryptocurrencies because of its stability. Traders use it to buy other cryptos, and some use it as an investment. 

Now that gift cards can be exchanged for USDT; you can convert eBay gift cards to USDT and become a proud owner of this asset.

Convert eBay gift cards to USDT and get paid immediately 

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In general, converting gift cards to cryptocurrency is a relatively new technology. Several traders are yet to understand the nitty-gritty of such conversion. The good news is that Astro Africa has made it easy for everyone to understand.

Gift cards are converted to crypto in the same way gift cards are converted to cash. The only difference is the type of asset and a crypto wallet. Yes, you will need a crypto wallet so that you can easily access your proceeds. 

To convert eBay gift cards to USDT, you’ll need an exchange platform like Astro Africa that allows you to sell gift cards for cash and cryptocurrencies like USDT, like Bitcoin. Once you find a reliable platform, you’re one step towards becoming a crypto holder. 

Astro Africa is one of the best exchange platforms in Africa that has won the hearts of many traders. At Astro Africa, gift cards can be sold for cash (naira and cedis) and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and USDT). You will find navigating the platform straightforward because its user interface is intuitive and straightforward. In case you encounter any issues as you navigate the platform, our customer service representatives are always available to proffer viable solutions. 

Regarding security, the Astro Africa website is well-secured with the best security technology. You hear of exchange platforms being hacked by unauthorized third parties, but it has never been the case with Astro Africa. With us, your mind can be at peace that your assets are in safe hands. In order to incentivize customers, Astro Africa will pay you for every referral. This means you can earn without trading on Astro Africa. All you have to do is share your referral code and ensure that your referee completes at least one transaction on the platform. 

The rates on Astro Africa are one of a kind, as they are always high and above 80% of your gift card’s face value. Immediately after every transaction, you will get paid instantly, without delay. Even more, Astro Africa will never deduct transaction fees from your funds. On Astro Africa, what you see is what you get. These features and many more that you’ll enjoy as you trade on the platform are why we have been the best for years.

To convert eBay gift cards to USDT, follow the steps below.

  • Click sign up if you haven’t yet signed up for the Astro Africa platform. Please click sign in if you are a registered user.
  • Once you have signed in, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Your dashboard shows your wallet balance and options for buying and selling.

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