Buy Bitcoin with Sephora gift cards in Nigeria and get paid immediately

Buy Bitcoin with Sephora gift cards: If you’re a beauty products enthusiast, then you definitely know about Sephora and what they sell. So, if you’re in Nigeria and your friends gifted you a Sephora gift card this festive season and you have been wondering where you can spend it, you have come to the right place. 

What are Sephora gift cards?

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Buy Bitcoin with Sephora gift cards

Sephora gift cards are closed-loop gift cards. This means that they were created and distributed by Sephora so they can only be used in Sephora physical and online stores. Sephora deals in any kind of beauty products you can think of including makeup, deodorants, skin care products, and hair products. 

Buy Bitcoin with Sephora gift cards

Buy Bitcoin with Sephora gift cards
Buy Bitcoin with Sephora gift cards

Sephora gift cards are either physical or digital gift cards. The physical cards are bought and delivered physically via your mail box. They are plastic like your debit cards so you have to be careful so that they are not stolen.
The digital cards are more convenient as they can be purchased online and used in both online and physical stores. They are delivered via your email and the mail contains your card code and pin. Sephora gift cards do not expire and are reloadable. This means that you can hold your gift cards for as long as you want. However, inactivity fees maybe deducted as at when due and reduce the value of your gift card.

It would be nice to exchange your gift cards for beauty products but it is quite impossible since there are no Sephora stores in Nigeria. Even if you opt for online orders, it will take a while for your package to get here and you’ll still need to think about shipping fees. Instead of going through that stress, why not opt for something easier like trading your Sephora gift cards for Bitcoin? Exchanging your gift cards for Bitcoin is like using one stone to kill to bird as you can earn more if you HODL your coins and get more beauty products. For this exchange, you’ll need a reliable exchange platform that you can trust with your assets. 

The best place to exchange your Sephora gift cards for Bitcoin

In selecting an exchange platform, you need to be very careful so that you don’t fall victim of scam. If we have learnt anything from the past few years of being in the industry, scammers always target new traders. They use unrealistic incentives to lure new traders into their trap and abscond with all their assets. Every year, these scammers up their antics but Astro Africa is always 10 steps ahead of them and that is why you have to trade with us.

Buy Bitcoin with Sephora gift cards
Buy Bitcoin with Sephora gift cards

Astro Africa is the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria because of its commitment in reducing the rate of gift cards. If you ask our traders, they’ll tell you that Astro Afruca has made trading gift cards very easy for them. If you also want to testify, then trade with Astro Africa.

The Astro Africa platform is packed with the most efficient features and trading technology to ensure that gift card trading is seamless and as easy as ABC. The user interface of the platform is easy and intuitive with all the instructions well-laid out. After every transaction, you will get paid immediately as long as your transaction is approved and confirmed by our team. 

All gift cards including your Sephora gift cards are sold at the best rates to help you maximize your profits. The rates are never constant but Astro Africa always tries to ensure that the rates are reasonable. Astro Africa has a special feature called rates calculator that helps you calculate the current rates of your calculator of your gift cards without stress. The Astro Africa rates calculator is free for all gift card traders. However, you’ll need to create an account to create an account and become a registered user before you can sell your Sephora gift cards for Bitcoin. 

Selling your Sephora gift cards for Bitcoin on Astro Africa 

As mentioned earlier, selling gift cards on Astro Africa is very easy because the platform is easy to use. The steps involved in trading your Sephora gift cards are outlined below.

  1. Create an account and become a registered user by visiting the Astro Africa website or download the mobile app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Click on sign up, and a registration form will display on your screen. 
  3. Fill the form with the required information, including first and last names, valid email, and a preferred username.
  4. You must input your password twice to prove that you remember it or make necessary corrections. 
  5. If you were referred, input the referral number so that whoever referred you can be credited after your trade.
  6. Click on sign up to confirm your registration and move to the next step.
  7. On your dashboard, you will find all the app activities displayed, click on add account/momo. Add a crypto wallet to your Astro Africa wallet.
  8. Click on sell gift cards.
  9. Select Sephora  gift card.
  10. Select Bitcoin wallet to credit and gift card category.
  11. Input the amount of gift card in dollars
  12. Upload an image of your gift card or a picture of the code sent to your mail.
  13. Add an optional note.
  14. Click submit to confirm the transaction. 
  15. Your account will be credited immediately after Astro Africa approves the transaction.