Gift cards have been a blessing to this age of technology based on its easy usage across the world, it’s used majorly for purchase of things and also can be exchanged for cash. As the name implies, a gift card is a means of giving a gift to a beloved which helps to reduce the stress of getting what to buy by just purchasing a gift card to give that special person.

What is a gift card?

A gift card is a prepaid debit card loaded with a specific amount of cash used for a variety of purchases and mainly for purchases. This thought might have crossed our minds. What if I want to exchange my gift card for cash? No worries, Astro Africa got you covered, you can get this done by either visiting our website (Astroafrica.site) or download our app (Astro app) where you can exchange your gift cards for cash and can also purchase any gift card.

What’s the importance of a gift card and how can you use it?

For one, gift cards are effective for a business that wants a transient increase in sales. The usage of gift cards encourages customers to purchase a product that many sightseers or people see as extravagant, so with gift cards, they could buy the product.

     In addition, gift cards help to publicize your brand. It gets this job done in such a way that it connotes your logo and company brand, the more people that get it,  the more people get aware of your brand.

    It also allows for partial usage of the funds available, so the remaining fund is still stored on the card with no charges or maintenance fees. Most importantly, gift cards make purchases easier and safer.

Nike gift card – things I can buy with Nike gift card

Nike gift cards are one of the most popularly used gift cards. It is issued and designed by Nike Retail services, inc.

   We all know Nike products to be one of the popular sportswear used by various athletes, sportsmen, fashionistas, and celebrities. Even the popular footballer, C. Ronaldo is a major shareholder of this company. The lovely thing about the Nike gift card is that it can be funded in various denominations based on the user’s preference or country’s currency. It can be used in various Nike stores and converse retail shops.

   Imagine a situation in which a friend of yours who’s a sports lover has his/her birthday coming up and you keep stressing out about what to get that fellow, Nike gift card suits the situation so well, It’s a square peg in a square hole, it works so well in which the gift card enables the user to buy any sportswear and equipment of his/her choice. Or imagine being a boss of a business and you want to appreciate your workers for a job well done, Nike gift card can make things easy.

  This brings us to the question, what can I purchase with a Nike gift card?

5 products you can buy with a Nike gift card

Nike sneakers:

things i can buy with nike gift card

There’s never been a season when the Nike sneakers weren’t popular, the Airforce brand being the most popular product used by celebrities and artists. Its usage is dated back years and is constantly in vogue. The sneakers give a sense of comfort when used, athletes also use sport sneakers which are light in weight and offer efficiency in their work output, athletes such as runners, footballers, tennis players are constantly using them. Also to the fashionistas, we all know that the vogue is the trend, the Nike sneaker has been facing lots of competitors but still stayed atop. Now imagine you have a Nike gift card, having nice Nike sneakers can be a good thing.

Nike sportswear shorts plus size:

nike sport

This product is available in various colors and sizes based on your want. These shorts are good for various indoor and outdoor gymnastics and exercise, it gives comfort and has no itchy reaction. Nike gift cards can also accord this in your collection.

Nike caps:

Nike cap

We all know that caps are designed to help prevent sunlight from affecting your eye during the hot weather, prevent sunburn and skin cancer and also help to regulate body temperature when necessary. Nike performs all this with a unique styling and the simple logo gives a remarkable outlook of the cap. This cap gives a refreshing feeling when you have it on. This cap is affordable, gives the styling deserved and is also the perfect cap for all seasons. It is unisex and you can also purchase it with your Nike gift cards.

The Nike socks:

nike socks

These unisex socks give a cushioned feeling on your feet with variants of colors and designs. It’s padded at the feet part to ensure comfortability with a nice design and logo embedded on it. Offers a therapeutic and show of fashion. It is widely used by famous artists and businessmen alike. It’s affordable and the perfect “go to bed socks”. Nike gift cards can also get you this amazing product with ease.

Nike long sleeve top

Nike sweater

This sweatshirt can be easily worn with no skin reaction and is lightweight. It gives warmth to the body when cold and looks good on the body because it’s flexible and clings to the body properly. With your Nike gift card, it can be yours.

  Various equipment can also be purchased with your Nike gift card on the Nike store such as backpacks, wristwatches, bags, belts, headbands, water bottles, and many more. Feels good to have a Nike gift card right???

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