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Astro Africa is a customer-centric online exchange and integrated alternative payment platform that facilitates the exchange of gift cards for cash and cryptocurrency and the payment of utility bills, airtime, and data plans in Africa. The main goal of Astro Africa is to make online trading and bill payments seamless and secure. Astro Africa offers the best exchange rate at no transaction cost.

Becoming a registered user on Astro Africa is super easy! Follow the steps outlined below.

  • Visit the Astro Africa website.
  • Click on “Trade Now.”
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Enter a username.
  • Enter your valid email address.
  • Enter a safe password. Enter the password twice to confirm that you know it.
  • Enter the referral code if you were referred.
  • Click on “Sign Up” to complete your registration and become a registered user.

Immediately after you complete the registration process, a verification code containing 6 digits will be sent to your email. The verification code is only valid for 30 minutes after which it will expire.

More often than not, not getting a verification email immediately after completing registration is due to network issues. However, if you still haven’t received the email after an hour, contact our on-page customer service, and it’ll be sorted immediately.

Astro Africa has made account recovery easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Astro Africa website.
  • Click on Trade Now.
  • Scroll down and click on “Sign in.”
  • Click on “Forgot Password?”
  • Enter the registered email in the space provided, and a 6-digit (OTP) will be sent to the Email.
  • Input your new password and click submit. The password submitted is your new password and can be used to log into your account.

Yes! Astro Africa is a legit and secure platform for all your gift card trades and bill payment.

The acronym P2P stands for “peer-to-peer.” It is a feature that allows Astro Africa users to send funds or airtime between themselves without the interference of an intermediary. The process involved is swift and easy.

Yes, you can pay bills on Astro Africa, and we have made it easier than ever. Astro Africa is the best site to buy cheap airtime, pay electricity bills online, and access the cheapest data plans in Africa.

Yes! Astro Africa has mobile apps for Android and iPhone mobile devices. You can find the direct links to these apps by clicking on the Google and Apple icons on the website.

Using the Astro mobile App depends on your type of mobile device. If you use an Android phone, download the mobile app from the Google Playstore. For iPhone users, download the mobile app from the App Store. The apps have the same features as the website.

Astro Africa is an exchange platform that trades gift cards for cash and cryptocurrency at the best rates.

All you need to buy gift cards is money and a valid email address to receive the ecode.

Astro Africa has an automated rates calculator that allows you to calculate the current rates of your gift card. To use the Astro rates calculator, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Astro Africa website. The feature is absolutely free.
  • Click on check rates.
  • Select the currency of exchange. 
  • Select a Steam gift card as a card for exchange.
  • Select the steam card category and input the amount in USD.
  • The exchange rate and total proceeds of your gift card will be displayed.

On Astro Africa, you can get more than just cash for your gift cards. You can also sell gift cards for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, USDT, and ETH at the best rates.

Gift cards can be bought in retail stores that sell them or online platforms. After buying your gift cards, you can sell them on Astro Africa at the best rates.

On Astro Africa, your trade can be rejected for a myriad of reasons, and they are listed below.

  • Uploaded the wrong image of your gift card.
  • Submission of the wrong trade.
  • Gift card expiration
  • Entered an amount higher that is higher than the value of your gift card.
  • Submission of an already redeemed gift card.
  • The gift card is yet to be activated.

Your transaction is pending because it is being processed and verified. The time involved in approving transactions varies depending on the gift card type. Before every transaction, read the trading terms to know how long your transaction will take. If it takes longer, contact Astro Africa customer service.

Federal law specifies that gift cards can only expire after five years of inactivity. However, some gift cards, like American Express gift cards, do not expire.

Astro Africa constantly updates the list of gift cards it supports to increase its versatility. So, if you can’t find the gift card you want to trade, kindly check back at a later date.

If your gift card purchase is not going through, check that the amount of gift card you want to buy matches your wallet balance.

After creating an account on Astro Africa, you will be redirected to your dashboard and requested to complete your profile. Clicking on “complete your profile” and input your bank account details.

Alternatively, click the “add account/momo” box on your dashboard. Select account types (Nigeria and Ghana) and preferred banks, and input your account name and number to add a bank account.

Astro Africa allows its users to add more than one bank account details. It entails the same process as when you were adding the first one.

Yes, you can! At the start of all transactions on Astro Africa, you will be asked to select your preferred account.

Depositing funds on Astro Africa involves a few steps.

  • Before you can add deposit funds on Astro Africa, you must add a wallet. Click on the plus sign on your dashboard to a Nigerian or Ghanaian wallet. You can add more than one wallet.
  • Click on “Deposit funds.”
  • Select wallet.
  • Input amount.
  • Click proceed, and the funds will be deposited.

To withdraw funds, follow the steps below.

  • Click on “Withdraw funds” on your dashboard.
  • Click on “withdraw to saved accounts.”
  • Select the account to receive the transfer.
  • Select wallet and input the withdrawal amount.
  • Input narration and transaction pin.
  • Click Withdraw, and your bank account will immediately be credited.

After you create an account, you will be asked to complete your profile after being redirected to your profile. Setting your transaction pin is the third and last step in completing your profile.

To change your transaction pin, click on settings on your sidebar. Click on “change pin” and input the current and new pin. Immediately you click “Change pin,” your transaction pin will change.

Yes, you earn on referral. For every user you refer, you get paid 500 naira immediately after the referred person completes their first transaction.

To get your referral link, click on settings on the sidebar of your dashboard. You will find your referral code which is an alphanumeric code. Click the copy icon to copy the code and share it with your friends and family.