Ten clever ways to use a Google Play gift card

Ten clever ways to use a Google Play gift card

e-gift cards for cash in 2022 Google Play gift card

Google Play gift card: Google play gift cards are like every other gift card. They are issued to customers to make purchases of software from Google very easy. If you received a Google play gift card and didn’t know what to do with it, this article is for you.

This article explores ten different uses of Google play gift cards to help you exhaust the funds on Google software. Even some uses that you might not know about have been added.

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Donation to charity 

Owners of Google play gift cards might not always need to buy an app or game. However, the money on your cards br put to good use by donating money to charity organizations through the Google play store. It is an excellent way of positively impacting society online.

Buy books

If you love reading books, you’d definitely enjoy spending your Google play gift card credit on them. Google Play gift card is used to purchase books on the Google Play Store, which are automatically added to your digital library and can be accessed anytime, forever. 

Pay Netflix subscription 

Netflix is an online streaming platform that provides unlimited entertainment for its customers through TV shows and movies. Instead of using your credit card to pay Netflix subscription, you can use your Google play gift cards.

Purchase of premium apps 

Were you trying to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription? The Google Play gift card can come in handy for you. Or, If you have an app you use a lot, you can check if there’s a premium version available. Often, people want an upgrade in the apps they use for different reasons, such as zero-adds and advanced functions on the app. If you upgrade an app, you can use your Google Play gift card as a payment method.

To make in-app purchases 

One thing you can do with your Google Play gift card is made in-app purchases. Google Pay also makes it easier to purchase Play gift card codes from its application. One can go to the business and bill section and click the Explore tab. Users must search Google Play Gift card and add the desired amount.

ATM withdrawal 

Google play physical gift cards cannot be used to withdraw money from the ATM. It can only be used to pay for software and subscriptions online.

Buy movies

Your Google Play gift card allows you access to trending movies or programs from the Google Play Store. You can also rent them if you are not willing to buy them. On Google Play Family Library, you can share purchased or rented movies with up to 5 family members by signing up for Google Play Family Library. It works through your Google Play Store App. Click on Menu, then Account, choose Family, and then register for Family Library.

Pay for YouTube Premium

The same way Google play gift cards can be used to pay for a Netflix subscription is the same way it can be used to pay for a YouTube premium subscription. All you have to do is redeem your Google play gift card code and select gift cards as a means of payment when paying.

Buy the Fortnite game 

The Fortnite game was launched on Android, but Epic Games have decided to evade the Google Play store to avoid the 30% share accrued to the Google PlayStore from the revenue. The epic game thought the Fortnite game does not need to be displayed on Google Play Store before it can be a success. Hence, you can’t use your Google Play gift card to buy this game.

Exchange Google play gift card for cash or crypto 

If you were not using an android phone and were gifted a Google play gift card, you might as well sell it for cash online. You might wonder, “how can I sell my Google play gift card?” Well, it is easy. All you need is a gift card exchange platform like Astro Africa, and voila, you can easily convert your gift cards to money or Bitcoin at the best rates. The process involved in selling Google play gift cards for cash or crypto is easy on Astro Africa. Kindly visit the Astro Africa exchange website or download the app from Google Playstore, create an account, add a local bank account, and sell your Google play gift cards.

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