How much is $100 Steam Gift Card in Naira?

How much is $100 Steam Gift Card in Naira? Steam is a gaming company that offers video game services. They are owned by Valve and were founded in 2003. Their games were initially made for the Microsoft Windows OS; versions for Linux and macOS were developed later. In later years, Steam developed games for mobile devices.

Steam gift cards are very common items due to Steam being the largest gaming platform in the world. Gamers are well acquainted with gift cards. The cards are used to purchase games, software, hardware, and other items on sale by Steam. They occur in physical and digital forms; they are also sold in physical and digital stores.

The digital cards range from $5 to $100; the physical gift cards range from $20 to $100. In Nigeria, Steam gift cards are unusable because the gift cards are made for the US. However, people who own physical or digital Steam gift cards in Nigeria can always convert them to cash. Some businesses offer the service of converting your gift card to Naira in Nigeria. One of such businesses is Astro Africa.

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How much is the $100 Steam gift card?

How much is $100 Steam Gift Card in Naira?

When converting your gift card to cash, note that the asking price varies from exchange to exchange due to different reasons. Some of the reasons can be a personal decision from the business and the exchange rate. Let us review how much Astro Africa pays in Naira for the $100 Steam gift card.

Astro exchange pays N90,090 for the physical $100 Steam gift card (at a rate of N990.90/$1). They offer N87,360 (at the rate of N873.60/$1) for the $100 e-code card. Let us compare with other gift card exchanges in Nigeria.

Giftcardstonaira offers N106,000 for the $100 physical steam gift card (at a rate of N750/$1), while they offer N102,000 for the $100 e-code card.

These are a few of the top gift card exchanges in Nigeria. When comparing their rate with Astro Africa, Astro Africa wins in the “battle of rates”. Let us review some reasons why Astro Africa is the best platform to trade your Steam gift card.

What Makes Astro Africa the Best? 

From what we have observed, Astro exchange arguably offers the best rates for gift cards. The company is geared to helping customers sell their gift cards at profitable rates. Astro Africa has the drive to help Africans partake of the billion-dollar economy that digital assets are becoming. The methods they adopt are the use of the Astro App and the Astro Africa website.

There is no point in creating an application if it is too complex to use. The application is made to fit the user and not the other way around. Astro Africa understands this concept and has made its platform as easy as possible to use. The information architecture of the website and the application is such that navigating through the platform is very seamless.

Astro exchange holds their customers in high esteem. Users are the reason why the business exists, and modalities have been set up to ensure customers have a pleasant experience. The inclusion of a 247 chat-bot is so that customers can relay their complaints anytime and get feedback. Companies that offer financial services like Astro Africa are liable to receiving complaints and questions. The team at Astro Africa knows this and is making efforts to ensure there is no doubt about their credibility by customers.

Online security of users’ data is super important to the team at Astro Africa. When dealing with financial details online, prying eyes are lurking everywhere on the internet. The team at Astro Africa prioritizes cybersecurity. It is why there is a consistent effort to upgrade the security architecture on both the application and the website.

If you want to use Astro exchange, this is how to use the platform.

How to use Astro App

You can use the Astro App to sell your Steam gift card and other gift cards.

  • Download the Astro App on your mobile device by clicking here.
  • Create your account or login (if you have previously registered)
  • Choose the card you want to sell
  • Fill in the card details
  • Wait for the card to be confirmed. When the card is confirmed, your Astro wallet will be credited.

Using the Website 

  • Login or signup with Astro Africa (Click Login/Signup)
  • Choose the card you want to trade.
  • Fill in the card details.
  • Wait for the card to be confirmed. When the card is confirmed, your Astro wallet will be credited.

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