How to Sell Amazon Gift Card in Ghana

How to Sell Amazon Gift Card in Ghana: Amazon gift cards are one of the most popular gift cards in the world. It is due to the popularity of Amazon in the e-commerce sector. The Amazon gift cards allow customers to purchase goods instantaneously from Amazon.

The Amazon gift cards occur in both physical and digital forms; there are different fashions of the gift cards. There are different types like the congratulations Gift Card, thanks Gift Card, birthday gift card, etc., and the e-gift card. Amazon gift cards are popular because of their wide usability; they can purchase millions of items available for sale on Amazon. The Gift card also ranges in price from $0.50 to $2000.

Amazon gift cards are only usable in the US, the UK, China, Japan, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, and India. People who own Amazon gift cards in other parts of the world cannot use them except they sell them. In Ghana, selling your Amazon gift card can be quite tasking with the lack of many credible gift card exchanges.

 However, there is one name that stands out for gift card trading in Ghana; and it is Astro Africa. If you want to sell your Amazon gift card, look nowhere else. Astro Africa has made it easy for you to sell your gift card profitably. Here are the reasons why Astro Africa is best for selling your Amazon gift card in Ghana.

How to Sell Amazon Gift Card in Ghana

Astro Africa: Your Number One Stop for Selling Your Amazon Gift Card in Ghana

Astro Africa is a pan-African fintech company with offices in Lagos, Nigeria, and Accra, Ghana. The service we offer is the trade of digital assets like gift cards. We are a customer-friendly company that aims to create an all-inclusive platform for financial transactions for Africans. Currently, most of our services are readily available to Nigerians and Ghanaians. The base currencies are the Naira and the Ghana Cedi. We offer services through the Astro Africa website and the Astro App.

Here are some reasons why Astro exchange is your best stop for selling your Amazon gift card. 

  • First of all, we offer the best rates. Getting exchanges that will buy your gift cards at favourable rates is quite a difficult task. However, Astro exchange buys Amazon gift cards at rates that ensure customers get a good take-home from their transactions. You can check out our rates using the rate calculator
  • Astro Africa has a very usable platform. In the Astro App and the Astro Africa website, usability is given high priority by the Astro Africa team. The interface on both the mobile app and the website is crafted to make Astro Africa easy for users. The developers understand that if users find the process too complex, they will abandon it. Hence, Astro Africa is made with the end user’s satisfaction in view.
  • When an online platform lags in response, users can trust such platforms with financial transactions. It is another point where Astro exchange scores high. The Astro App and the Astro Africa website are made to be highly functional so they won’t cause customers distress. If you sell your Amazon gift card on the platform, there is an assurance of very minimal delay in confirming the transaction. 
  • Finally, our platform is very secure. Security was given the number one priority during the development of the platform. Any online platform that requires your financial details has to guarantee your online safety. The Astro Africa team made cybersecurity a top priority by integrating the platform with internet security protocols. Constant upgrades are made to the security architecture of the platform to ensure guaranteed online security for users’ data. 

How to Use Astro Africa

You can use either the Astro Africa Website or the Astro App to sell your Amazon gift card. To use the Astro App, the procedures are listed below. 

– Download the application Astro App from the Google play store.

– Create an account and sign in with your login details.

– Select the type of card you want to trade

– Submit the card details

– Await confirmation; once the card is verified, you will be credited instantly.

To use the Astro Africa website, 

– Visit Astro Africa on your browser. 

– Click on login/signup on the home page.

– Select the kind of card you want to trade

– Submit your card details

– Await confirmation; once the card is verified, you will be credited instantly.

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