$100 AMAZON GIFT CARD IN NAIRA: If you have ever used a gift card, you will be quite aware of how easy and convenient it made your transactions. Instead of carrying cash around, you could pay in the money into a gift card and shop with ease. A gift card is an alternative means of payment. They are prepaid debit cards loaded with funds and can be used to shop or gift a loved one.

Since gift cards were introduced, several retail stores have adopted them as a means of payment. Now, there are thousands of gift cards in daily use worldwide, and the most popular is the Amazon gift card.

The Amazon gift card is the gift card representing the biggest and one of the most successful e-commerce companies today. You can preload your amazon gift card with funds ranging between $25 and $500. After preloading the card with funds, you use the card to shop on the Amazon website or any retail shop that accepts the card.

In Nigeria, there is hardly any retail store that accepts gift cards as a means of payment. Hence, Nigerians take the easiest route, which is selling gift cards. To sell your gift card in Nigeria, you need an exchange platform that is reliable and has integrity. Astro Africa is an online exchange platform with all the required qualities of a top-notch exchange platform.

Astro Africa sells all kinds of gift cards at the best rate, which is why Nigerians keep choosing the platform all the time. Presently, the price of a $100 Amazon gift card on Astro Africa is 30,000 naira if the gift card is a cash receipt or a debit receipt. You can calculate the prices of all your gift cards by using the Astro Africa rates calculator.


How much is a $50 Amazon gift card to naira?

Presently, on Astro Africa, the price of a $50 Amazon gift card when converted to naira is 15,000 naira, which is sold at a rate of 300naira/dollar. The rate of gift cards is hardly stable because of constant changes in the exchange market. However, you can use the Astro Africa gift card rate calculator to calculate the current rates of your gift cards at all times.

How much is a $200 amazon gift card to naira?

The current value of your $200 amazon gift card on Astro Africa is 56,000 naira (debit receipt) and 60,000 naira (cash receipt). To calculate the current rates of all your gift cards, use the gift cards rate calculator on Astro Africa.

How much is a $25 amazon gift card to naira?

If you want to calculate the current rate of your $25 Amazon gift card in naira, visit the Astro Africa website to use their gift cards rate calculator. The results for a $25 Amazon gift card will be 6,250 naira (cash receipt).

How much is a $500 amazon gift card to naira?

On Astro Africa, your $500 amazon gift card is worth 125,000 naira if it’s a debit receipt gift card and 130,000 naira if it is a cash receipt.

Convert Amazon gift cards to naira on Astro Africa 

  1. Create your Astro Account on the Astro Africa website or download the mobile app on google play.
  2. Click on sign up.
  3. Fill in all the required information.
  4. A one-time password will be sent to your email immediately to verify your account. Click on the link in the email to verify your account.
  5. Click on sell gift cards to trade and log into your account.
  6. Click on sell gift card.
  7. A select amazon gift card.
  8. Select wallet to credit (NGN) wallet.
  9. Select card category.
  10. Input the value of the gift card.
  11. Upload an image of your card and image remark.
  12. Click submit, and your transaction will be verified, and your account credited instantly.

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