How to trade on Astro Africa App

How to trade on Astro africa app

How to trade on Astro Africa App

At Astro Africa, we are keen to ensure that our customers have the best user experience while trading. That is why we went further to introduce the Astro trading app. As a customer-satisfaction-oriented organization, we work around the clock to ensure that you enjoy the best rates, fast trade, top-notch customer relations, quick payment, and zero downtime. The Astro-App is very easy and 100% safe to use for both professionals and newbies in gift card trading.

Steps to trading on Astro App

Step 1) Download Astro App on google play store. Click here to download

Step 2) Register or log in: For existing users, click sign in and input your details and log in. For new users, you’ll be required to provide your name, username, valid email address, and your password.

Current Bitcoin Rate On Astro Africa

Step 3) Add Account or Momo:

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Click on the + icon and select the bank account you want to add, it could be a Nigerian, Ghanaian, or USD account. By adding an account, it becomes easy to request for your payout from Astro Africa and get paid immediately.

To add a Ghanaian account, select the bank and the bank branch. Input your account number and your account name will automatically pop up. For Nigeria Accounts, select the bank and input your account number. Your account name will automatically pop up.

Step 4) Sell Gift card:

To sell any gift card, click on the Sell gift card icon and select the particular gift card you want to trade.

For example, if you want to sell amazon gift card, select Amazon, the wallet you want your fund credited to (NGN wallet or GHS wallet). There are different categories of amazon gift cards. Select the particular one you want to trade. For example, Amazon US Cash receipt 50 and 100, USA Amazon cash receipt 150-400, USA Amazon debit receipt 500 single, USA amazon cash receipt $25,$30,$40,$60,$70, etc. input the amount of the gift card and upload the image. You can also read the terms of trade of the gift card you selected. After inputting all the necessary data, click on SUBMIT. Your card will be processed and confirmed within 3-5 minutes.

image 14

If you had selected GHS wallet, your funds will be automatically converted to Cedis. If you had selected NGN wallet, your payment will be automatically converted to Naira.

Step 5) Withdraw Funds:

From the home page, click on withdraw funds. Select the account you want your funds withdrawn to, enter the amount and the transaction pin then click withdraw. Your account will be credited immediately

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Why Trade with Astro Africa

  1. Best trading rates; At Astro Africa, we ensure that we put a smile on your face for every trade you make with us. We offer juicy rates for every gift card you trade with us. We offer a wide range of trade. Some of the popular gift cards we trade include  Amazon gift cards, Nike Gift cards, Google play gift cards, iTunes gift cards, steam gift cards, eBay gift cards, Walmart gift cards, American Express, Sephora, etc.
  2. Easy to use; The Astro app is very easy to use for both professional traders and newbies. Trading on the app is straightforward to navigate around. You do not need any technical knowledge to buy or sell your gift card on Astro Africa app.
  3. Top-notch security; At Astro Africa, we do not joke with our customers’ security. We have high-tech security tools that help protect our customer’s details from potential internet fraudsters. Trading on the Astro app is 100% safe
  4. Customer Service; We understand that it gets tiring when you need direction or clarity about something and you have to wait for a long while to get a response. That is why at Astro Africa, we work around the clock to ensure that no customer request is left unattended.
  5. Fast payout; No one wants to do business and has a delay in payment. We understand this at Astro Africa that is why we do not delay. Once your card is confirmed, you get paid immediately.

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