How to Sell AMEX Gift Cards in Ghana

HOW TO SELL AMEX GIFT CARDS IN GHANA: Amex is an acronym for American Express. Amex gift cards can be used anywhere in the US that accepts them as a payment method. It can be used at gas stations, restaurants, spas, or supermarkets that accept Amex gift cards. Because Amex gift cards are not accepted as a means of payment in Ghana, the best alternative for you would be to sell them on an exchange platform.

Selling Amex gift cards in Ghana is a straightforward process if you know the right platform to use. There are several online platforms to sell your gift cards in Ghana. However, if you want to enjoy the perfect trading experience, use Astro Africa. Astro exchange is Ghana’s best gift card exchange platform. With all the right features, Astro Africa has been able to meet all the needs of its customers since its launch.

How to Sell AMEX Gift Cards in Ghana

How much is a $50 Amex physical gift card in Ghana cedis?

The current price of your $50 Amex gift card on Astro exchange is GHS 180 cash receipt. With Astro Africa’s inbuilt rate calculator feature, you can easily calculate the current rates of all your gift cards.

How much is a $200 Amex gift card in Ghana cedis?

Currently, on Astro exchange, the value of your $200 Amex gift card on Astro Africa is GHS 1,504 cash receipt. Use the rates calculator feature on the Astro Africa platform to calculate the rate of gift cards.

How much is a $500 Amex gift card in Ghana cedis?

On Astro exchange, the current value of your $500 Amex physical gift card on Astro Africa is GHS 3,840 for cash receipt. The current rates of all your gift cards can be calculated using the rate calculator feature on the Astro Africa platform.

How to check Amex gift card balance

Checking your Amex gift card balance is very easy. If you check the back of your Amex gift card, you will find a phone number that you can call to ask for your Amex gift card balance. Else, you can check your account balance using the Amex balance checker website.

Creating an account on Astro Africa

Getting started on Astro exchange is very easy because the app and website are well laid out. You don’t need assistance in using the platform. All you need is your mobile phone, mobile data, and with a few clicks, you have become a registered user on Astro Africa.

Kindly follow the steps listed below in the correct order to create an account on Astro Africa.

· Visit You can download the mobile app from the website by clicking on “download app.”

· Click on “login/signup.”

· Click on sign up.

· Input your first name and last name.

· Input your username.

· Input valid email password.

· Input referral code only if you were referred.

· Click on sign up. Voila, you are now an Astronaut, and you are also eligible for an Astro Account and several other bonuses.

How to sell your Amex Store gift cards on Astro Africa

After registering on Astro exchange, you can now trade your gift cards at the best rates and get paid instantly.

  • Log into your account on Astro Africa using your login details. Make sure to input the correct login details. However, in the events, you do not remember, Astro Africa will send you an error message to alert you.
  • Click on “sell gift cards” on your dashboard.
  • Select “Amex gift card” as the type of gift card you want to sell.
  • Select the preferred wallet for Astro Africa to credit.
  • Select gift card category.
  • Input the value of the gift card you want to sell.
  • Upload an image of the card you want to sell.
  • Read the terms of trade for Amex gift cards.
  • Click on submit, and immediately after the transaction is confirmed and verified, Astro Africa will credit your Astro account. You can withdraw funds from your Astro Account to your local bank account, transfer funds to other Astro users, or pay your everyday bills free of charge.

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