What is the Best Nigerian Bitcoin Exchange?

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best Nigerian Bitcoin exchange: One thing Nigerians are very particular about is getting multiple streams of income, especially by investing in various ventures. If you own Bitcoin and you’ve been looking for a means to diversify your investment, try selling your Bitcoin for cash on an exchange platform in Nigeria.

There are several exchange platforms in Nigeria, but the best platform is Astro Africa. For an exchange platform to be the best, it must be outstanding in its entirety. It must promote seamless and easy crypto trades without added fees and a complex user interface. Astro Africa is all you need to become a successful Bitcoin because it has several features, and we will discuss each of the factors that make the platform unique.

Features of Astro Africa

As mentioned earlier, Astro Africa has several unique features, and they are listed below.

Best Nigerian Bitcoin exchange

best Nigerian Bitcoin exchange

Simple user interface

Have you ever used an exchange platform that is slow and difficult to navigate? How did it make you feel? Slow and difficult apps make processes more complicated than they should be, and Astro Africa understands this. For this reason, Astro Africa is highly intuitive and easy to operate. Navigation from one page to another is fast as long as you have a good internet connection. A slow internet connection might slow it down, but it seldom happens because the platform is without bugs.

Astro Africa has a website and is available as an app on Google Playstore and the App Store. The web and apps have simple features and can be navigated using the same processes.


An exchange platform that does not prioritize the safety of your assetsis not a platform you should use. Astro Africa is well-secured with the best security technology in Nigeria, so your assets are never prone to hacks by hackers and scammers.

Crypto wallet

Another essential feature of an exchange platform is a safe crypto wallet to store your Bitcoin. A crypto wallet allows you to store, receive, and send Bitcoin without stress. In fact, a crypto wallet is one of the first things you need as a crypto trader. Instead of looking for a third-party app, Astro Africa has got you covered. Immediately after you get registered on Astro Africa, you become eligible for the Astro Bitcoin wallet. The wallet is safe, reliable, and free for all Astro registered users.

Customer service

The importance of responsive customer service in exchange platforms cannot be over-emphasized, and Astro Africa understands this. Whenever you’re faced with any issue, as you have the platform to trade Bitcoin for cash, you can call our customer service, and solutions will be provided promptly. You can also reach our customer service via all social media platforms.

Good rates

The crypto market might be volatile, but Astro Africa still allows traders to sell Bitcoin for naira at the best rates. Astro Africa also has a rates calculator that keeps you updated on the current rates of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


All Bitcoin exchanges on Astro Africa are free. Astro Africa doesn’t charge transaction or withdrawal fees like other crypto exchanges. So, what you see is what you get!

Getting started on Astro Africa

Now that you know Astro Africa is all you need to become a successful gift card trader, you can proceed to become registered and start trading Bitcoin immediately. Follow the steps below to become a registered user.

  1. The Astro Africa gift card trading app can be downloaded from Google Playstore or App Store. You can also visit the Astro Africa website now.
  2. Click on Trade now.
  3. The registration process is an easy two-step process.
  4. For the first step, input your first and last name.
  5. Input your valid email address.
  6. Input your phone number.
  7. Click “Continue” to enter the second step of the registration process.
  8. Select a country, Nigeria. 
  9. Input your password.
  10. Input the referral code of your referee so that they can be rewarded. If you don’t have one, skip this section.
  11. Agree to Astro Africa’s terms of use and privacy by clicking the box.
  12. Click create an account.
  13. Astro Africa will verify your details and send a six-digit confirmation code to your email for verification. 
  14. Complete your account creation by adding a bank account and creating a transaction pin.
  15. After becoming registered, you will have full access to your Astro Bitcoin wallet, and then you can go ahead to convert Bitcoin to naira.

best Nigerian Bitcoin exchange – best Nigerian Bitcoin exchange

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