How Much Is a $200 Amazon Card In Naira?

$200 Amazon Card In Naira: Amazon gift cards are a popular and convenient way to give someone the gift of choice. These cards can be purchased in various denominations and can be used to buy almost anything available on Amazon, including books, electronics, clothing, and more.

The cards come in various designs and can be customized with a personal message to add a thoughtful touch. They can be delivered to the recipient electronically or by mail, making it easy to give a gift to someone near or far.

One of the benefits of an Amazon gift card is that it allows the recipient to choose exactly what they want rather than receiving a specific item that may not be their preferred choice. Also, because Amazon sells such a wide range of products, the gift card can be used to purchase something for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or special surprise.

Overall, an Amazon gift card is a flexible and versatile gift option that will please anyone who loves to shop online.

If you have received an Amazon gift card and you have no use for it, you can always trade it for cash and cryptocurrency on Astro Africa. Note you can trade your Amazon gift card for cash and cryptocurrencies on Astro Africa.

Here are the types of Amazon gift cards you can trade on Astro Africa;
  • Amazon physical gift card
  • Amazon e-code 
  • Amazon cash receipt gift card
  • Amazon debit receipt gift card
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Why Choose Astro Africa

Astro Africa is known for its favourable exchange rate. You get the best value for your gift card if you sell on Astro Africa. You can check the prevailing exchange rate for your gift card by using the rate calculator feature. The Rate calculator will give you the prevailing exchange value for your gift card. To use the Rate Calculator, simply choose your preferred currency (NGN, GHS, or USD) and the type of gift card you want to trade. 

Our platform is easy to use and navigate thanks to the excellent User Experience design practise implemented on both the website and mobile app. Every step is self-explanatory, and there is no ambiguity on the platform. Simply create an account, and you get to enjoy the heavenly gift card exchange service.

How Much Is a $200 Amazon Card In Naira?

According to the exchange rate calculator on our website and mobile app, a US Amazon gift cash receipt gift card is exchanged at NGN 819.00/$. Hence, a $200 Cash receipt Amazon gift card is valued at NGN 163,800. On the other hand, the Debit receipt gift card is exchanged at NGN 782.60/$, and a $200 Amazon debit receipt is valued at NGN 156,520.

How Much Is € 25 Amazon Card In Nigeria?

Using Astro Astro Africa’s rate calculator, the current exchange rate for a European Amazon cash and debit receipt gift card is NGN 364.00/$. Hence, a € 25 Amazon gift card is NGN 9,100.

200 Amazon Card In Naira

How to sell your Amazon gift cards on Astro Africa

Before trading your Amazon gift cards on Astro Africa, you must become a registered user. Kindly visit the Astro Africa website or download the mobile app and sign up using your valid email address and password. After becoming a registered user, follow the process below to sell your Amazon gift cards. 

  • Log into your account on Astro Africa.
  • Click on “sell gift cards” on your dashboard.
  • Select “Amazon gift card” as the type of gift card you want to sell.
  • Select the Nigerian wallet to credit.
  • Select the Amazon card category and the card rate will be displayed at the top of your screen.
  • Enter the amount of the gift card.
  • Upload a clear image of the card and input an optional note.
  • Click on submit. Immediately transaction is confirmed and verified, your Astro account will be credited.

How To redeem an Amazon Gift Card

To redeem an Amazon gift card, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Amazon website and log in to your account.
  • Click on “Account & Lists” in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Gift cards” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Redeem a gift card.”
  • Enter the claim code (the code on the back of the gift card) in the space provided.
  • Click “Apply to your balance.”
  • Your Amazon account will now be credited with the gift card’s value.

200 Amazon Card In Naira – 200 Amazon Card In Naira

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