How To Sell Bitcoin for Cash Instantly in Nigeria

How to buy Bitcoin in Vietnam

How To Sell Bitcoin for Cash: Selling Bitcoin doesn’t have to be a thug of war. The aim is to eliminate your risk by selling on a fully secure platform that supports instant payments. No platform does it like Astro Africa when it comes to trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria.

Why You Should Sell Your Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital asset that experiences a constant change in its value. Bitcoin can experience a 10% change in value in either direction within a few days, and it won’t be considered a bizarre occurrence. This sort of shift is normal in the cryptocurrency market.

You should sell your Bitcoin when you have an edge in the market if the present value of Bitcoin is greater than when you acquired it. Bitcoin provides a financial edge over Naira because it is well-known that the Naira tends to lose value over time. When you have Bitcoin, it is more like you are saving in dollars which is known to appreciate in value over Naira.

Sell your Bitcoin when it best suits you, and using Astro Africa also contributes to the return you will get on the trade.

How To Sell Bitcoin for Cash

Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria through Astro Africa

Astro Africa will ensure a positive experience when you sell your Bitcoin. With Astro Africa, you get to enjoy one of the best exchange rates in the market. Note that our exchange rates are subject to changes, and you can use the rate calculator to check the current exchange rate.

You can access our service through our website and mobile app. Both platforms have been designed with excellent User Interface and User Expereince design practice. You will enjoy the quick and easy transaction pathway.

You also get to receive payment for your Bitcoin trade instantly.
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How to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria through Astro Africa

  • Visit the Astro Africa website or download the Mobile App
  • Click on check rates.
  • Since you are here to check the prices of your Bitcoin, click on the top right of your screen to open the crypto calculator page.
  • Select payout wallet, which is Nigerian in this case.
  • Select coin, Bitcoin.
  • Input the amount of Bitcoin.
  • Enter the value of Bitcoin in USD. The least value you can enter here is $20. This also means you can only trade Bitcoin worth $20 and above on Astro Africa.
  • Immediately after you input the value of your Bitcoin in dollars, the equivalent in naira will be displayed in the box underneath.
  • After calculating the price of your Bitcoin, you can proceed to trade the Bitcoin for naira on Astro Africa at the best rates and get paid immediately.

How To Sell Bitcoin for Cash – How To Sell Bitcoin for Cash

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