Gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria?

Gift cards with the highest rates: One of the major reasons why the gift card industry in Nigeria continues to grow is because everyone that has ever traded on a good platform like Astro Africa made profits. It’s why gift card traders always ask, “Which gift card has the highest rates in Nigeria?”

Gift cards with the highest rates

Gift cards with the highest rates

Gift cards have different rates because there are several factors that determine them. These factors are discussed below.

Type of gift card: Gift cards are distributed by different companies. Amazon and Google distribute gift cards but have different rates because different companies distribute them. Usually, Amazon gift cards have higher exchange rates than Google Play gift cards because they are in higher demand.

Form of gift cards: There are two major forms of gift cards: physical and digital. Physical gift cards are like your ATM and usually come as plastic cards with your gift card number written on them. Physical gift cards are delivered via your mailbox and can be presented for payment at stores that accept them.

Digital gift cards, on the other hand, are bought online and received via email. The email will contain all the details of your gift cards and can be printed for payment. There are other forms of gift cards, but these are the main types. More often than not, physical gift cards have higher exchange rates than digital cards of the same value because they are in higher demand.

Demand and supply: The demand and supply of gift cards is a major factor that affects the rates of gift cards. If a gift card is in high demand and low supply, its exchange rates will be high. However, if a gift card is in low demand and higher supply, the exchange rate will be low. Gift cards like Amazon, iTunes, and Amex are always in high demand, so they have high exchange rates.

How to calculate your gift card rates

The exchange market is highly volatile and always influenced by the factors listed above. This makes it quite difficult for traders to keep up with the current rates of their gift cards. The best way to calculate the rates of your gift cards is using the Astro Africa rates calculator.

Astro Africa is Nigeria’s best gift card exchange platform because of its automated rates calculator. The rates calculator is a feature on Astro Africa that allows you to calculate the current rates of your gift cards. With the calculator, you will be able to always stay ahead of the curve and make informed trading decisions. To use the rates calculator, follow the steps below.

10 best gift cards in Nigeria

The best gift cards in Nigeria are gift cards that perform excellently in the exchange market. These gift cards usually have high exchange rates than the others. In no particular order, these gift cards are listed below.

Google Play gift cards

Walmart gift cards

American Express gift cards

Sephora gift cards

Steam gift cards

Amazon gift cards

Apple Store gift cards

iTunes gift cards

Visa gift cards

One Vanilla gift cards

Why you should trade gift cards on Astro Africa

Gift cards with the highest rates

Trading gift cards on Astro Africa is the best thing you can ever do to your finances. Astro Africa is the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria because it prioritizes your needs as a trader. With Astro Africa, you are sure to always get your money’s worth. Astro Africa gift card rates are higher than the rates you’ll find on other platforms. With the rates, your profits will always be maximized, and your profit margin will increase.

The platform is easy to use in the sense that its user interface is easy to use and intuitive. All you need to create an account on Astro Africa is your email, phone number, and referral code if you were referred. Upon registration, you are given your referral code so that you can earn it whenever you refer friends.

Astro Africa allows you to trade gift cards for cash without fear because the platform is secure and fast. It’s quite easy with Astro Africa; visit our website and start trading gift cards at the best rates.

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