The Best Site to Trade Gift Cards Successfully in Nigeria in 2024

Best Site to Trade Gift Cards: 2022 was a good year for many gift card traders, especially those who converted their gift cards to cash using good exchange platforms. For others, knowing that if they knew what we are about to share with you would increase their chances of making more profits makes them want to relive last year. While that is impossible, we can only look forward and hope for the best so that mistakes are not repeated. If you have decided to make better trading decisions in 2024, this article is for you.

Trading gift cards safely in Nigeria

Best Site to Trade Gift Cards

In a world where internet use is at its peak, and most websites are prone to cyberattacks, the only way to trade successfully in Nigeria is to find an exchange platform that prioritizes the security of its website and apps. Due to the amount of money required to maintain and sustain security-personified apps, such apps are hard to find.

You must have noticed that there are hundreds of gift card exchange platforms in Nigeria. Their billboards are plastered on every nook and cranny of the country, urging gift card recipients to trade with them at the best rates. Still, you can’t trust all of them. Some platforms are unsafe to sell gift cards for cash because they are not well equipped with good security technology.

The best platform to trade gift cards in Nigeria is Astro Africa because it employs the best security technology in the world to make its firewalls impenetrable to unauthorized third parties. Since the creation and launch of Astro Africa, it has never been attacked by hackers because the platform’s security is constantly updated to avoid issues.

Our m users are always singing our praises because Astro Africa promised them 100% security and is providing just that. In your little way, you can also protect your assets by choosing strong passwords during account creation. Mix up your passwords with letters, alphabets, and symbols so that even people close to you cannot guess them. Also, you must never share your password with unauthorized third parties as it reduces the security of your account. In the event that you do, change the password on Astro Africa by clicking “forgot password?”

Other features of Astro Africa

How to trade on Astro Africa Best Site to Trade Gift Cards

Apart from being security conscious, Astro Africa has other features that make it the best trading platform in Nigeria, which are listed below.

  • Astro Africa is a customer-centric exchange platform that prioritizes the needs of its users by buying gift cards from traders at the best rates. The rates on Astro Africa are higher than you’ll find anywhere, and more than 80% of the gift card’s face value.
  • Astro Africa is easy to use because of its intuitive interface.
  • As a new gift card trader, Astro Africa is the platform for you if you’re looking for a platform to guide you through the Nigerian gift card industry. Astro Africa has a knowledge-based blog filled with excellent and educative articles to help you navigate the industry.
  • Astro Africa’s customer service is super responsive. As you use the platform to convert gift cards to cash, if you’re faced with any difficulty, you can quickly contact Astro Africa customer service.
  • Astro Africa incentivizes its customers through its referral bonus scheme. This way, you can earn without trading.

How to calculate the rates of your gift cards using the Astro Africa rates calculator

The exchange rates of your gift cards are constantly changing because of the volatility of the exchange market. This makes it quite difficult for Nigerian gift card traders to be conversant with the rates of their gift cards. That is why you need the Astro Africa rates calculator, an automated tool that helps you calculate the current rates of your gift cards without stress. To use the calculator, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Astro Africa website or download the mobile app.
  • Click check rates.
  • Input your gift card details in the boxes provided by selecting the wallet, name and category of the gift card and inputting the amount.
  • The current rate of your gift card will be displayed immediately.
  • Click proceed to trade gift cards at the best rates.

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