The Best Sites to Trade Steam Gift Cards in Ghana in 2024

Trade Steam Gift Cards in Ghana: Steam gift cards are getting increasingly popular in Ghana. While most Ghanaians would have loved to redeem them for Steam gaming accessories and software, there are no Steam stores in Ghana. The simple and profitable alternative is to sell Steam gift cards for Ghanaian cedis and get paid.

The first step in trading any gift card is finding the right exchange platform for your trading needs. For this, you’ll have to conduct extensive research to avoid falling prey to fake exchange platforms. Fake and fraudulent exchange platforms ruin the trading experience, so you must navigate the industry cautiously.

Trade Steam Gift Cards in Ghana

Trade Steam Gift Cards in Ghana

There are basic factors to look out for in any platform you decide to choose, and these factors are discussed below.

Easy interface

The platform you choose must have a simple user interface. Exchange platforms with complex user interfaces make trading difficult and slow. Poorly built platforms are not always scammers, mind you. Sometimes, it’s just unfortunate. However, more often than not, a complex platform is an indication that you might not get paid after supplying the details of your gift cards. Hence, avoid such platforms. Before settling on any platform, try perusing the platform and trying out its feature. If you notice bugs and unresponsiveness, run away from the platform.

Best rates

Ghanaians got into gift card trading to earn extra cash apart from the salaries of their white-collar jobs. The only way to profit is by trading gift cards for cash at the best rates. Not all platforms sell gift cards at the best rates. While the good ones sell gift cards at over 80% of their face value, others sell gift cards lower than 60%. Even worse, the fraudulent exchange platforms make ridiculous promises of selling gift cards for 100% of their face value to lure unsuspecting traders. This is their best trick in the books because they know that Ghanaians love a good deal. Hence, avoid such platforms. Only trade on platforms that promise you realistic rates.

Rates calculator

A rates calculator is a tool that helps you calculate the current rates of your gift cards without stress. Instead of stressing and using your phone calculators to estimate the rates, ensure that the platform you choose has a rates calculator. This is an essential feature because the rates of gift cards are constantly changing.


The security of the platform is a vital feature. If the exchange platform has had hacking issues in the past, you might want to reconsider trading on such a platform. Choose a platform that is well-secure so you don’t make unnecessary losses. On your part, protect your wallet details and never share them with a third party.

Customer service

The best way to test the customer service activities of an exchange platform is to monitor their social media. Check how they respond to their customers in the comment section. You can also send them a DM to check the tone of their response. If their tone is brash, avoid such a platform because it’ll cost you later. However, if the customer service representative replies swiftly and softly, you’ll likely enjoy trading on such a platform.

The best place to trade Steam gift cards in Ghana

The best place to trade Steam gift cards in Ghana is Astro Africa. Astro Africa is one of the few platforms in Ghana that houses all the features listed above. The platform is trying to redefine what we know as gift card trading by making it easier and swift. When you use Astro Africa, your mind will be at peace because the platform is safe and fast. Follow the steps below to trade your Steam gift card on Astro Africa at the best rates.

  • Visit the Astro Africa website or download the Google Playstore or Apple Store mobile app to create an account and start trading.
  • Click on signup.
  • Create an account.
  • Click on sell gift cards, and all the gift cards supported by Astro Africa will be displayed.
  • Select the currency, NGN, or GHS. Select NGN.
  • Select the gift card. Astro Africa sells more than 10 gift cards, so you might have to scroll to find a Steam gift card.
  • Input all details about your gift cards.
  • Input the value of your gift card in dollars.
  • Upload a clear picture of your gift card.
  • Click on submit, and Astro Africa will proceed to process your transaction.
  • Your transaction will be verified, and you will get credited immediately.

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