Types Of Gift Cards In Poland

Types Of Gift Cards In Poland; Are you searching for the ideal gift to give someone in Poland? Gift cards are a wonderful choice as they offer the recipient the freedom to select their desired purchases. If you’re unsure which type of gift card to choose, you’re in luck – there is a wide range of gift cards available in Poland, catering to various preferences and interests. With these options, you can ensure that your gift will be both thoughtful and enjoyable for the recipient.

There are various gift cards available for purchase in Poland. Here are a few;

Types Of Gift Cards In Poland

iTunes Gift Card: 

iTunes gift card is a popular gift card in Poland and the world at large. iTunes gift card is a digital currency for all Apple’s digital products ranging from games, music, movies, TV shows, iCloud+ subscriptions, and more.

One notable advantage of gifting or receiving an iTunes gift card is its versatility. ITunes gift card offers a vast array of digital products you can choose from the Apple eco-system. With an iTunes gift card, the recipient will likely have a use for it, and if they don’t, it can always be traded for cash on an exchange platform.

Steam Gift Card:

In Poland, the Steam Gift Card is a popular and easily accessible choice for gaming enthusiasts. It opens up a world of possibilities, allowing recipients to explore a vast collection of games, software, and hardware available on the renowned gaming platform, Steam. With a Steam Gift Card, recipients can personalise their gaming experience according to their unique preferences and interests. It’s the perfect gift for those who enjoy gaming and want to unlock a world of entertainment options.

Where Can I Purchase Gift Cards In Poland?

There are several places where you can purchase gift cards in Poland. Here are some popular options:

1. Retail Stores: Many retail stores in Poland, such as supermarkets, department stores, and speciality shops, offer a wide range of gift cards. You can find gift cards for various retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues, and online platforms.

2. Online Marketplaces: Online marketplaces like Allegro, Ceneo, and Empik allow you to purchase gift cards from a variety of sellers. These platforms offer a wide selection of gift cards for popular retailers, restaurants, and online services.

3. Brand Websites: Many brands and retailers have their own websites where you can purchase their gift cards directly. Visit the official websites of your preferred brands or retailers and look for their gift card options.

4. Online Payment Platforms: Some online payment platforms, like Poczta Polska’s PocztaPrezenty and eCard, offer digital gift cards that can be purchased and sent electronically.

If you have no use for the Poland gift card, you can always trade it for cash on Astro Africa instead of letting it go to waste. 

Astro Africa is a modern gift card exchange platform that can buy your Poland gift card and pay you within a few minutes. You can use the rate calculator feature on the website or mobile app (Google Play Store and App Store)to check the value of your gift card before trading it.

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How Much Is Poland iTunes Gift Card In Naira?

As stated earlier, you can use the rate calculator to get the value of your gift cards on Astro Africa, simply go to the website (astroafrica.site) and click on “Check rate”. 

The exchange rate for the Poland iTunes gift card is NGN 64.80/$. As there are no hidden charges with trading gift cards on Astro Africa, you always get the value calculated by the Rate Calculator.

  • Zł 50 Poland iTunes physical card is valued at – NGN 3,240
  • Zł 100 Poland iTunes physical card is valued at – NGN 6,480
  • Zł 200 Poland iTunes physical card is valued at – NGN 12, 960
  • Zł 500 Poland iTunes physical card is valued at – NGN 32,400

How Much Is Poland Steam Gift Card In Naira?

As there is no hidden charges with trading gift cards on Astro Africa, you always get the value calculated by the Rate Calculator.

  • £100 Steam physical card is valued at – NGN50,400
  • £100 Steam E-code is valued at – NGN 49,680


Q: What are physical gift cards?

A: Physical gift cards are conventional plastic cards that are commonly used for gifting purposes. These cards are typically associated with a specific retailer or a chain of retailers. They are designed with a magnetic strip or chip, enabling the tracking of the remaining balance on the card.

Q: What are e-gift cards?

A: E-gift cards, also known as digital gift cards, offer a convenient and flexible way to send and redeem gifts. These cards can be delivered via email or text message and can be used for online or in-store purchases. E-gift cards eliminate the need for physical cards and the hassle of shipping, making them an ideal choice for those who want to give the gift of choice effortlessly.

Q: What should I do if I lose my gift card?

A: In the event of losing your gift card, it is essential to get in touch with the retailer or issuer promptly. By contacting them right away, you can inquire about the possibility of cancelling the lost card and obtaining a replacement card with the remaining balance intact. Taking swift action can help ensure your gift card’s security and prevent unauthorised use.

Q: How To Trade Gift Cards On Astro Africa

A: Follow the steps below;

  • Visit Astro Africa Website or download the mobile app on Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Create an account with your credentials and sign in.
  • Select Sell gift cards on your account dashboard, and a list of gift cards will be displayed (iTunes gift cards, Steam gift cards, Google Play, and lots more).
  • Select a wallet to credit (Nigerian or Ghana bank account or crypto wallet).
  • Select the gift card category that matches your gift card. 
  • Input gift card amount.
  • Upload a clear image of your gift card.
  • Enter image remark.
  • Click submit. Your transaction will be vetted and confirmed in a few minutes, and your account will be credited.

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