How Much Is a $100 Foot Locker Gift Card In Naira and Cedis?

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$100 Foot Locker Gift Card: Foot Locker is a popular athletic footwear and apparel retailer that offers gift cards as a way for customers to give the gift of shoes and sportswear to their friends and loved ones. Foot Locker gift cards are available in physical and digital formats. They can be used online or in-store at any Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Footaction, or Champs Sports location in the United States, Canada, and other select countries.

Foot Locker gift cards have a fixed value that can be used to purchase merchandise up to the card’s value. If the purchase value exceeds the gift card’s worth, the remaining balance can be paid using another form of payment, such as a credit card.

It’s important to note that Foot Locker gift cards typically have an expiration date, so it’s best to use them before that date to avoid losing the card’s value. You can always sell your Footlocker gift card on Astro Africa. 

Astro Africa is the ideal gift card vendor to get the best value for your gift card.

$100 Foot Locker Gift Card Rate to naira

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How Much Is a $100 Foot Locker Gift Card

According to the Astro Africa exchange rate, the current price of a $100 Foot Locker gift card in naira is NGN 84,630 for the cash and debit receipt gift card. You can check for other gift card prices with the Astro Africa exchange rate calculator.

How Much Is a $25 eBay Card In Naira?

Two types of eBay gift cards are tradeable on Astro Africa; the physical gift card and the E-code. A $25 physical eBay gift card is worth NGN 11,147.50 with an exchange rate of NGN 445.90$. A $25 E-code eBay gift card is worth NGN 13,422.50 with an exchange rate of NGN 536.90/$.

How Much Is a $200 Amazon Card In Naira?

According to the exchange rate calculator on our website and mobile app, a US Amazon gift cash receipt gift card is exchanged at NGN 819.00/$. Hence, a $200 Cash receipt Amazon gift card is valued at NGN 163,800 On the other hand, the Debit receipt gift card is exchanged at NGN 782.60/$, and a $200 Amazon debit receipt is valued at NGN 156,520.00.

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About Astro Africa

You only need an intuitive platform to enjoy trading, and Astro Africa delivers on that promise with its simple user interface. You don’t need any help moving further on the website or mobile app; each step you take is self-explanatory. You may immediately sell your gift cards and get paid right away.

A crucial component of any exchange platform is security. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your investments are secure, and that is what Astro Africa aims to provide. Astro Africa uses high-tech security measures to guarantee that your valuables are completely safe and unavailable to unwanted users. You must ensure you never divulge your login information, particularly your passwords. 

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How To Sell Foot Locker Gift Card On Astro Africa

  • Create an account with your email and correct credentials through the mobile app or website.
  • Add your bank account details to your account. This will help facilitate withdrawals.
  • Navigate to the trade gift card section, choose Foot Locker as the type of gift card you want to sell, and input the amount.
  • The rate calculator will give you the value in your local currency (Cedi or Naira). Proceed with the trade if you are okay with the rate.
  • Input the gift card information, including the picture, on the next screen.
  • Your Astro Africa wallet will b credited within 5 minutes of verifying the authenticity of your gift card.
  • Navigate to the withdrawal interface to withdraw your funds to the provided bank account.

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